Don’t decorate another temple, decorate your temple first.

I am not settled at what people tell me to do with my life. They laugh as I illustrate my dream, so my reality can become gleam. No one will understand your vision, so quit showing that impression. It is not needed I can assure you that. Most times it’s just better to utter a yes, no, or very few words. Explaining yourself will not make sense to them. They do not want you to be you and in substitution attempt to push their ways on to you. Imagine this, you are an individual who works in network security, your job is to fix the flaws and bugs. You can’t share to people how you run security programs for your network otherwise the integrity will be compromised. The next time someone asks you about your next big move, don’t give them any ammunition, or they might try to shoot.

There will be days that you will be upset or lose hope for a slight period, but never give up all the way. Turn off that program that the enemy is trying to beam at you. Look at the progress you have made so far. You’ve already taken so many steps, don’t be so hard on yourself. I was listening to an interview of Stephen King. When he was asked on how much he writes per day, he answered that he gets in at least six pages a day and that having a consistency is what really mattered. As long as we do some type of progress each day, we will reach that goal. But the process is the most important. Taking breaks is important too, you can’t rush creativity. I’ve been writing one novel for the past 3-4 years and I have had to do a couple of revisions. I noticed that when I wrote more and didn’t force myself to be creative, I was more productive. Some weeks I’m not as productive as other weeks, but there is a process. It doesn’t matter how big or small the work is, it’s still progress and a process.

Speak less to people of your projects and execute more. I promise you’ll get a lot more done quicker when your mind isn’t preoccupied of the minds of others. Your mind is what matters. Your goal is what is important. You being an artist is important. You being a singer is important. You being a businessman or businesswomen is important. You being a teacher is important. You being a lawyer is important. You being a florist is important. You traveling is important. Being you is important. Following your heart is important. Living your experience in this simulation to the fullest is the most important. Feeling all forms of emotions is only making you stronger. You are a leader. You are a warrior. You are courageous. You are a building with a strong foundation.

I love you all. It’s okay to feel sad sometimes that our plans aren’t going as fast as we envision. It’ll all come in its own timing. Be patient and believe.

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