There is no end

I’m aware of the evil that certain people wish to commit, but I do not consent to it as a citizen of the earth. Any evil does not have the power to influence my life. I accept a prosperous and fulfilling life. Good things are a scene away, and my spiritual father will keep the evil separated from me through me. I am not saying that evil will cease to exist. Not at all, but we can choose to attract the light more than the darkness. The darkness is there to remind us that we have something great inside us and to never surrender that serenity.

Our spirits have the decision to make on how to view the world. Certain individuals look at the world as some so called end time/ eschatological scholars teach. They claim that the world is about to be controlled by evil, the devil, or whatever unclean opposition and that the world will be burned up to Smithereens and that there is no sense in doing anything because prophecy has already foretold us our destiny. I hate to be the person to correct, but teaching people that there is no sense in fighting for liberty is vain because supposedly the world shall soon end, is a complete mockery to our spiritual father who has given us in our opportunity to experience the greatest simulation ever of what it is to be an earthling. The people who believe in evil winning are the people who have lost a battle within them. We can choose to be victorious and see a world with great potential if we choose to attract positive circles and ideas within our circles. When we speak words of good cheer and great news, we are only making Mother Earth stronger and the dark forces weaker and weaker. The end is a scare tactic taught by people that have believed a lie by the deceiver and who have lost a will to live. They do not understand anything else except destruction. They think all hope is lost. I promise all hope is not lost. We all have the resources to grow both spiritually and physically. Don’t give that power away to fear, it is like an addictive drug or substance. The end is not near, it is only near if you choose to give up on life. Think not of the end, only think of many new beginning. A new age is here, and many wonderful events are about to unfold. Many revelations within ourselves shall be unlocked.

I love you all. Stay positive. The end is not happening.

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