Deprogramming the old and producing the new me.

I realize it’s been nearly a month since I last posted. I was collaborating all of my thoughts in my mind and working on my novel. My novel is still a working progress, but I have written a great multitude this past month. I don’t think I’ve ever done this much writing for a book in a month. But there is power in affirmations. Our words lead us to our next milestones in life. Doubt is low vibrational, it only encapsulates us in our fear. So many cages we’re in, and it takes a great battle and determination to find the key to unlock ourselves out. I’m not only speaking for the writing in my book. I also want to speak about the many adventures my brother and I have had. One day we were just browsing through Craigslist on the talent section, it had been years since I played an extra for a tv show called Z-nation, where I was featured in a few episodes, playing a few small roles. That nostalgia had resurfaced, we couldn’t find anything in Greenville. Then my brother suggested I look in Atlanta, Georgia, where we saw a few projects being planned in a week. One of the projects was a short film. My brother and I emailed the producer and mentioned that we had a little bit of acting experience and we could speak three languages if need be. We didn’t think much of if we would get a response. In fact we thought we were more likely to get a role in a music video that we inquired about, but that’s the glory in the mystery when we pursue our spontaneous interests. We could of been scared and not even tried, but you know what, we tried and had the most amazing time being a part of a film. Through this film shoot, we got to explore Atlanta and meet such wonderful people that have brought spark to our lives. This spark makes me want to be a part of their future projects. Whether it be acting or writing a screen play, I am ready. Oscar and Devon were amazing people to meet, I look forward to seeing them soon again. There is power being gathered with people with similar vision. The positive vibes were there, no one was out to demolish one another regardless of any difference. I could see unity, and it makes me filled with joy. Listen we all have a vision, let’s not piss on it. Money will always be there, but experiences we must grab on them while they are near.

This entire month was a war for my mind. I have abandoned so much that I once held on to. A lot of it was fear of traveling, but I have promised myself that I will take any opportunity to travel whether it may be risky and sometimes financially expensive. Realizing that the money will always be there, but the time is running out. Time and experience cannot be bought back, so punch fear in the throat and realize that money is not an excuse. When we think, we will manifest. The job will arrive. You will find a better job. Or perhaps you’ll learn a new skill to be a free lancer, or start a business. But regardless, with your vision, you’ll find a way to make that money to utilize for opportunities and spiritual growth. Like Christ said, I’ll paraphrase; whoever searches will find and whoever asks will receive. Keep thinking about what you want in life, your mind is a magnet. Soon you will see what your mind is filled with. No matter how risky and tough it may seem to achieve, a way will be cleared for you to enter. Below is my affirmation, you can use mine as an example or make your own original affirmation:

I Maxwell realize that fear is my enemy and I will tell it to go behind me. I recognize that during some moments, I will encounter fear testing me, but I will not give in to it. Fear has no dominion over my mind. I will travel as much as I can. I will travel all of Europe, Asia, and wherever else my spirit chooses. The physical realm attempts to deceive me that my life is limited, but my spirit supersedes and reminds me that I will receive what I want in life. I will do my best to not speak negative of myself, I will do my best to uplift and conquer my conquests. Spiritual father, infinite universe, Mother Earth, give me the strength to be positive and to affirm the will to know myself to the fullest. To do the will of the father, mother and son. I will produce so much in my life and will help other to produce. The more I produce, the more others will produce. I will demonstrate the image of god in this life and the next life and so on.

Be blessed you all, and fight that accuser (fear). The more power you take from it, the less power it’ll have to leverage against you.

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