Listen to your Spirit

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It’s been over a year since I launched my blog, so much has changed in my life. I have put myself in positions I probably wouldn’t have before due to self-doubt and fear. From trying out the most random jobs to playing in a short film to traveling Europe to submitting my first screen play for a TV show pilot contract competition. I have experienced more than my old self would ever assume possible. The key is having a mindset that is there to build us up and to listen to our spirit, and take its guidance for our success. An adventure might seem time consuming, or overwhelming, but don’t let that stop you from trying. I promise the regret will hurt far more.

I by no means am trying to boast about my adventures, but I would like to use my experiences to open your eyes to not be afraid as well as motivate to do the unexpected. Don’t listen to me, but listen to your inner voice that’s been trying to speak to your mind, but because of the way your mind was molded growing up, you have locked this beautiful voice in the cell. Find the key, and unlock this angelic voice (spirit) and ask for it to motivate your tongue to utter words of blessings in your life. I promise that once you begin to speak positive words in your life, you will want to stop living a fake reality and in lieu pursue what your spirit desires.

I started working as a manager at a restaurant a couple of months ago. At first it was enjoyable and bearable to work there. I got to learn how to bake, prep, make milkshakes, and manage the restaurant. The only problem was that we had a couple of toxic people above me who would talk down to me and my coworkers, making sexist and demeaning comments. They would also not allow people to take bathroom breaks and when one of the girls asked to take a bathroom break, the other manager even went to rudely say to her, “Not until your coworker f$cking picks up the pace”. What’s super bizarre is that this particular coworker does a wonderful job when it comes to working in the front. I haven’t seen a negative environment such as this since I stopped working for BMW. I even had my hours cut from 40-30, a week with them still expecting me to produce more results when I was being forced to finish my tasks earlier. For a while I just kept my mouth shut since I had and still have certain bills to pay, but one day my spirit/intuition just told me to quit. Ironically this happened on the day when my boss called for me to her office. I close the door behind me, and she goes on to say that I have not been progressing as a manager. I brought up to her that she said the complete opposite the week before and how she is often contradicting herself about the expectations at work. I also brought up that my hours have been cut down and that the raise I was promised never had occurred. She went on to accuse me of being frustrated at work and not doing my job. Right at that moment, my spirit reassured me that it was time to leave this job position. “I quit!”, I screamed. She responds, “That’s what I thought”. I clock myself out and never look back.

Some may think that it was foolish of me to just drop a position like I did and that’s alright with me. I am not living to impress others or my peers. I am only living to compete with myself. I would rather struggle while doing everything I can to pursue my dream of being a writer/actor and ultimately reaching it than to just have a few extra dollars with comfort not living to my potential. God made this world beautiful. He made me, and I will do everything in my power to manifest my words into reality. I am a handsome creation, and I will do everything I can to bring beauty out of my mind. The power is within me. The will is awake for I have turned it on. I refuse to settle on a few thousand dollars a month when I can exceed far beyond that. In the Hebrew the word Satan translates as “accuser and adversary”. Comfort and fear is our “Satan” when we go through our journey called life. Will we allow Satan to offer us a temporary deal of comfort, or will we stump over him and say no to this fancy crafted deal? I choose to abolish any idea of a deal. I choose to go on a road with potential beyond my imagination. When Christ fasted for forty days and forty nights, Satan (carnal mind) appeared to him and offered a temporary solution to his hunger by turning stones into loaves of bread. This can be found in the gospel of Matthew chapter 4. I believe this is allegory for listening to our voice instead of the voice of our accusers. Literally anyone who mocks our vision are our accusers. Remember that the light is within us and to allow it to shine. We are the children of God and mother earth. Everything is already given to us inside, we must just learn to obey the wishes of our spirit. When we accept this, the accuser becomes weaker and ultimately rots away from our mind. Learn to read your manual not the manual of negotiators.

I love you all and wish all of you the greatest excellence in your life.

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