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I’m not even sure if anyone reads my blog anymore. I question if it’s really that interesting for the reader. Would the reader like to provide his or her feelings about what I write? I don’t know, but certainly know I could improve this website and only cover topics that the reader finds relevant to his or her life. I can only talk about goals and affirmations for only so much. I may be full of many questions about my website and what will keep people on here engaging, but I do have some answers for myself and the purpose of me focusing so much on affirmations.

Not going to fool anyone that I always had everything figured out all of my life, I was very lost over a year ago. I did not know where I was heading and did not even acknowledge that I was making some bad decisions in my life. I can even go far as to say that I did not give a flying f*ck because I didn’t think I could reach for the stars. I only believed in having a comfortable job where I could eat, sleep and sh*t. Trying the unknown was the furthest thought away from my mind. I only cared about the latest shows on Netflix, having beer stocked in my fridge and blowing my money on the most mindless things.

The path of not striving for something better was slowly leading me to a life full of stupid decisions, lots of heartbreak, and financial problems for myself. When I fell into the biggest hole of my life (rock bottom) I could of just easily given up and not done anything to improve my situation. I could’ve just laid around and moped in bed. I could have complained about all of my problems to friends and family. I could have searched for sympathy. I could have played the victim card. I could have become a depressed individual. I could have become many negative attributes in life, thank goodness the creator, the universe, and God looked out for me. I was introduced to affirmations and the law of attraction.

There was a basic book called “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life: How to Unlock Your Full Potential for Success and Achievement” by Brian Tracy. My original self would probably just walk passed it at the local Barnes n’ noble and not think a second of the book. After a wreck that could’ve been deadly and beings thousands of dollars in debt, my mind was wandering into desperation. It hated being in constant torment and hell, there needed to be a solution, and FAST! My spirit began to hate the way my life turned out from my foolish, stupid, and dumb decisions. I took the advice to read the book which I normally wouldn’t have. This book exposed me, it made me realize that the greatest enemy that can be around was my own self. I was self-sabotaging myself, by not reaching for the sky, by not thinking that I would ever be wealthy, by not thinking I would achieve something amazing, by not thinking I would travel and explore something wonderful and amazing. I learned that I was constantly thinking about the negative things in my life. I was always stressed about getting in car accidents, not making money, being lied to, meeting the wrong woman, and making dumb decisions. There is a concept called “Murphy’s law”. According to Wikipedia, it can simply be explained as ” . . . ‘Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.'” Constantly believing this way I only brought a law into fruition known as the law of attraction. Thinking about the negative aspects of life only manifested and attracted it even more. I needed to change the way I think.

Changing the way I thought and how I interpreted the world made my life a lot easier. I’m not saying that I never had bad days, but I am saying that I had a lot fewer of them. Think of the problems as a non-reduced fraction. Thinking positively and allowing affirmations to form in my mind and written on paper mitigated those bad days and allowed me to conquer my obstacles and look at life more as a school that is purifying me to a higher realization. In the last year, I have overcome some dark periods of my time. I have let go of many things and I have exchanged the negative/slave mentality for the passion/wealth mentality. I no longer want to live like nothing matters. I want to live like something matters. No one needs to tell me what matters, I need to figure that out. There are a few things I’m still doing my best to pursue. I have tasted this journey for my passions, and some of it has come to fruition. I have discovered my desires and I want to keep digging for more of my desires. It doesn’t matter if the shovel is rusty and dirty, I want to keep on digging until I’m seeing lots and lots of gold.

Everyone has their own type of battle in life, but I can say that you’re not alone. Lots of people are going through hardships, especially in the middle of this recession. Keep on fighting and always trust yourself. Say no to Murphy’s law (self-sabotage), say no to imposter syndrome, say no to toxic people, say no to negative thoughts and do your best to abolish them all. Some forms of negativity will make it through our mind, but now it will be pretty much powerless, only reminding you of what you have accomplished so far. Negativity will now just be a reminder of the positivity and how you have grown so much in life. Don’t think someone is out to destroy you, only you can do that. Fight yourself to become a better version every day. It feels like every day we crucify ourselves, only to resurrect and improve.

I will be taking a break from this subject, but just wanted to discuss how it all started with this blog and my need to preach the law of attraction. I will be transitioning to discussing more of my life and short stories both non-fiction and fiction. To the very few that have been here since the origins of my website, I want to thank you for pushing me to keep writing. I trust you will enjoy my stories and please do comment your thoughts on everything I post. My goal is to improve as a writer. I love you all!

Stay tuned for many short stories in the making!


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