Bumpy roads

The one thing I would change about South Carolina is the roads. Not only would I widen the lanes, I would have them refill all the potholes that have existed for decades, and I would make the roads more straight and less loopy. Every time I’m on the road, I get dizzy and sometimes feel the need to vomit. If you’re new to South Carolina, I encourage you to have a plastic bag in your car in case of an emergency. One loopy turn can trigger you to throw up.

2022 was an unexpected year, I never thought I would get into debt so quickly. But due to losing my job, a couple unforeseen emergencies, and unwise spending habits that I didn’t think were so unwise, I’ve fallen back into debt status. This is nothing to brag about nor take pride in. My goal is to pay it all off as soon as possible. I finally started a new job that guarantees forty hours a week plus overtime which will help me settle some of my debt. But also at the same time, I’m trying to sell some land that I owe in Arizona that I no longer have interest in keeping. Flipping retro items was profitable at one point in time for me, but I need to find a new strategy/side hustle for my free time.

Not going to fool anyone, I definitely don’t like working at all. Anything that resembles itself as slavery, I normally hold against as I’ve mentioned before that I like being my own boss. Desperate times sometimes require desperate measures. For now, I’ll work my ass off. I know the power of self belief, perseverance, passion, manifestation and the creator, I will overcome this new obstacle in this time. I can complain about being in debt during the middle of a recession, or I can attract an energy that will allow me to conquer this financial battle I am undergoing.

Words have power. Self belief has power. I want to motivate whoever else is struggling financially or with something else, you can do it. Don’t be embarrassed we all fall through the pit occasionally, we just need to channel ourselves out of the pit.

No matter who you are, believe in yourself and change the words you use to describe yourself.

Blessings and love to you all!

Whoever that has been supporting my website and me, thank you so much! You are contributing in making me a better spirit to become an example for society and to help others to reach their ultimate-self.

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