I must make a confession, we are living through a recession.

Oh good! I spelled recession right. I’m alive and well, just going through some financial hardship, occasionally job hopping. Many of the jobs in the south pay very poorly and even if one possesses a basic AA degree, the raise is only a couple dollars more. I’ve known this factually especially when I still lived up north, but seeing it first hand just shows that many things must change for humans in the south to see a workable wage.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It’s funny to me that supervisors have an impression that if they raise the wage by 60 cents an hour, I will work harder. I promise I will not work harder especially if I’m treated like a pile of manure, with no breaks and hardly any employee rights. The cost of living has gone up at an exponential level beyond the pay we are making. I understand how inflation works, but not a 100-200 percent increase on a product, or service. The south is full of people that do not want any improvement of conditions from what I have observed. Excuses and excuses out of their mouths. They make fun of countries such as Mexico, yet they have created conditions similar to a third world country.

I’ve actually been to a couple of third-world countries, yet they still have a form of hospitality and culture in them. I felt like I belonged more. In the south, I am seen as an outsider. Most, not all evidently, just do not want anything to do with us from the north. The only times they want anything to do with us is when they can overcharge us on their products and services.

Aside from all the struggles that I’ve been going through, I have done my ultimate best to continue my acting and screenplay writing ambitions. I have had the opportunity in being in a few short films this years and writing a few screenplays. I am grateful for all of this and understand that I would not have done any of this if I hadn’t moved down to the south. There are some pluses in moving down to the south. I have found what I want. I may be in a shit-hole but I’m in a shit hole full of opportunities, being the fact that I live about 3 hours away from Atlanta.

As for next year, I want to be a part of a future length film. I’m excited to see what films I will be a part of in screenwriting and writing. I want to do other things that I choose to not mention just yet. What we speak about ourselves is what we will become. You have this power. The creator of the universe has granted it to you.

Even through these times, we can choose to see a light. Lets try to stare away from the darkness. Yes, it is there. But don’t let it define you.

You all have an amazing holiday!

Photo by Kellie Churchman on Pexels.com

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