United 50 Corporations

Dear God,

I no longer want to be fuel for the fifty machines of the USA. I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences in this corporation. I have come to realize that I no longer feel truly free in a country that controls my movement and tells me how to live my life, or where to spend my money.

I thought the pacific northwest was godless and had no future for me. I am noticing that both the north and south have their pros and cons. Regardless of the politics, or if I agree, or do not agree, I do not possess true liberty here as promised in the constitution. The constitution is an amazing document that only confirms our god given rights, but unfortunately the united states does not see it that way as the founding fathers once did.

I know that the machine will milk me as much as it wishes, but I choose now to eventually leave this empire. It isn’t for me and more power to whoever chooses to stay. I would rather own a home or apartment elsewhere than have the u.s government take it away from me as it sees it fit.

I truly believe that you want us all to be happy inside us and have our place of serenity. I pray to be one of the best screenplay writer and actor of the century. I pray that I become financially independent and wise with my investments. I pray that I live in a country(s) of serenity.

May I have a woman with the purest intentions and that is inspired by my journey of being broke to becoming a sensation of a lifetime.

Best regards,

~Maxwell Aleksandr Kostenyuk


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