Drawing for the soul

It’s near midnight here in South Carolina, and I’m listening to kundalini activation music. It’s been a miraculous experience listening to the vibrations. I can feel my aura being purified. A lot of the negative things in my life are floating away, they are just memories now. The more I meditate and listen to these vibrations, the more I feel free inside. I’ve had a few miracles happen these last two months in my life. My thoughts are slowly manifesting into reality and law of attraction is surreal. I always believed in the the law of attraction, but it is happening more often than ever before. I’m like a disciple of the law of attraction and it’s a sensational feeling inside. I cannot explain it until someone starts meditating and loving themselves.

These last couple of weeks I have discovered that I enjoy drawing. It allows me to express whatever I’m thinking inside and in a way it is like a medium to what is about to manifest in my life. I’ve always written down affirmations, and that is vitally important. Drawing our affirmations can also have an even greater impact in our spiritual and physical self. Even if you’re not an artist, try and draw something to relax your mind. I’m definitely not a professional, but you and I could one day reach that status. Everything is a maze, if we decide to walk through it then we’ll complete another maze.

Here is a link to what I am meditating to at the moment. You can find other videos, but here’s something to start off with. You’ll start noticing a difference in your life. I often listen to this when I go to sleep and wake up in the morning.

Tomorrow I start my first day of my college semester. I had a recent realization to finish my associates of arts degree especially now that I qualify for financial aid. When I was younger, I dropped out because I could not afford it. After doing my research and making a few phone calls, I was able to transfer my credits from Washington state to South Carolina. I only have about 2 semesters to finish the degree and figure it may come to use when I work outside the country as an actor and screenwriter. I will keep you all updated about my classes (taking four classes).

As always thank you for supporting my blog and supporting me financially. You all are a blessing!


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