I’m blessed, I don’t care what you think.

I’m blessed that you’re reading this right now. I’m blessed that you have accessed my website in the first place. Thank you for visiting and taking the few minutes to hover around my website. I know it may not be a whole bunch of what you may have expected, but if you find something you can use, I’m more than grateful.

Many of you may have met me on Instagram, tiktok and telegram. Most of you are aware that I got banned multiple times recently on tik-tok. I am still attempting to figure out what I have violated in regards to their app. I have been following their guidelines closely, and am certain that there is some flaw in their monitoring. Either way, I’m glad that you are here. Most of my updates in life can be seen here or my Instagram account: zealouspursuit3000. I will do what I can to keep my conversations going with all of my fans.

Most of 2022 and this year, I have not been sick, thank God. I have realized that meditation and drinking a lot of water have kept me well. These simple two things have brought serenity into my mind. Not reacting to stressful situations immediately have benefited me more than ever. Meditation unlocks us to think rational and reasonable without allowing anger, or fear to influence us.

I understand that on a daily basis we have to make hard decisions on short notice, but take it all calmly, breathe a little bit, change the subject for a few minutes, refresh your mind, and hydrate a little. Close those eyes, and picture the situation and visualize yourself finding the solution. It’s not if you will find the solution, it has more do with how you will find it. If you can’t find it, tell yourself that you will. Keep repeating the phrases, “I will figure this out. The answers are within.”. Keep knocking inside, the answers will unleash themselves once the door is open.

I want to be in the moment. I want to visualize my future squaring away. I don’t want anyone, or anything altering the state of my mind. I am in the now. Tik-tok will not discourage me from talking about manifestation and being the winner of my dreams.



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