Missing in Action

How is life in the entertainment business? Not going to lie, it has been competitive, slow and difficult. I have been grabbing opportunities when they present themselves. Although those opportunities have more been like once a month. I want more opportunities to present themselves, but sometimes things don’t go at the speed we predict. This isn’t the end evidently, I have just been keeping myself busy with other endeavors at the moment.

At the moment, I went back to finish my Arts associates degrees now that I qualify for financial aid and I don’t have a lot left to finish it. I have worked at a few places and done a few demolition gigs to survive financially. Although I have inherited a lot of debt through my obstacles in life, trying to minimize it as quick as possible.

Even with the financial and debt problems I’ve been going through, I can’t say that all of my loved ones agree with my goals and life style. That’s the one thing about having a life: it is your life and not for anyone else to decide how you live it.

I expect to release a few more videos sometime this month, I have just been busy with my job, education, and writing at the moment. I recently came back from Sacramento, California for my cousin Melanie’s wedding. It was my first time attending a Romanian wedding, I learned a lot about the culture than I knew before. I can say it will be an unforgettable experience. Just unfortunate that time just flew by so fast. Below I’ll go ahead and share a poem I wrote for the couple.

Today is a day. The heavens above send their doves. No gloves are needed, for mother earth indeed had wiped them with her holy leaves. One dove was lost, and the other became the precious cost. Up on the mountains lay secret foundations. The snow covering them as curtains. Hidden fortunes.

The one dove knew of the hidden powers. No one believed him. Who would retrieve them? Many laughedat him. He squawked a hymn. Having faith in a win. Snow melted away. Grass growing high like hay. The taxpayers pay.

Today is the day. He is deep in the woods. Behold a hovering olive leaf. He grabs hold of it with his beak. He remembers the hidden fountains. Without time to waste, he fly’s back. No more why’s, he on track now. The fountains are calling his name. A precious, snowy dove fashioned in his image. A reflection of himself. She squawks. He walks forward. An exchange is made. She pecks the olive leaf out of his beak. The heavens opening once more, showing the pair how much the mother and father care. “Dragobete saruta fetele!”

The heavens declared. They both stare at one another. No more of the abomination of desolation. Now the both of them a matrimony of creation. Both pursuing their unique truth like sweet fruit. No one could ever disolve their union. No more horror. No more darkness. Only delight and now a shining light. The morning star. The dream is no longer afar.

Thank you for reading my poem, I hope you all enjoyed it!


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