On my mind, I’ll blurt it out

Even when you’re walking 🚶‍♀️ alone in the darkness, don’t be dismayed. Before you walk with someone, you need to realize that you’re choosing that road. Choose the route wisely, and careful what you ask for. Before a great achievement, alas a great disappointment shall land first, stripping away all the faulty and weak paradigms within you. This is the way. Pain might be horrific and feared, but beauty is in it. Not many experience it to the fullest, some escape fast and find their ideal comfort zone. Rejoice that your pain will bring a great awakening and realization: that something that was once in your life has finally vanished and no longer there to torment you. Love you all, the pain that you’re experiencing inside is leading you to a new world. Not sure who this was for exactly, but it was in my soul. You’re going to make it and be stronger. You’ll find someone that is going through a path similar to yours.


A couple of weeks now since I last worked, I estimate. Of course I have turned in some applications just in case, I’m just not rushing for any job. I’m more a man who enjoys making his own content or reselling certain merchandise, I now try to apply for places with good reviews. I’m now twenty-four years old and I just don’t settle for anything I see before my hands. I won’t chase after some girl, or car like when I was younger. I might get to know the girl better before I attempt to form any type of relationship. Same thing with a car, I’m not going to buy it since it presents an amazing appearance. Appearances depreciate, I’m not going to force something until it is meant to be and feasible. I only plan to run for my goals and vision. This is the only road we need to run on; the road to our success.

Some days I’m up and some days down, but I remind myself that one day cannot define my overall progress in life. Getting upset over something, only blinds my direction. Emotions are amazing qualities to have, and important. Let us remind ourselves that our mind must be in control and not our emotions. A little bit something can be beneficial, and a bit too much might be counter productive. When we fall off track, let’s evaluate and become back on track.

Everything will get better as long as we affirm it. How it gets better, is the question. Only thing we can know is that no matter what, to fight for our vision and ultimately accept that it will manifest in the physical realm. All of it is within us in the spiritual realm: we just need to keep watering those seeds we have planted. Never forget about your crops.

#iloveyouall #явасвселюблю

Grasshopper goodness

The weekend is pretty much over now and I hope everyone had a wonderful time full of life growing experiences. I definitely have had an amazing Saturday and Sunday full of excitement. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Life is going smooth and I’m grateful for where it is headed. Some days may be challenging for me, yet I remind myself that whenever there is opposition or an opposing force that I have to battle, I am on the right track to overcome the trials and tribulations that I may face in this earthly life. Silence only symbolizes that we will settle on less and therefore never grow. When there is silence, you are where the enemy wants you to be. My life isn’t literally gold on the walls, but I’m headed that direction. As long as I don’t permit fear to take over my vision in life, then I’ll eventually reach a point where I want to be. When I reach that point, I will keep raising it up. I don’t ever plan on stopping. We can always achieve something new in life. We may know 100 different skills, and it wouldn’t hurt to learn skill 101. Just stopping because we accomplished so much in our eyes isn’t a legitimate excuse on blocking the road to our everlasting potential in life. Keep that curious mind moving forward and explore something new whenever opportunity presents itself.

By the way, this is quite the most random, but hear me out. I went to the flea market this weekend where you can buy various products and food for a bargain. As I was browsing through each table stand, I ran into one where a man from Latin America was preparing spicy dried grasshoppers that were seasoned in red peppers and garlic. What did I do? Well I had to buy a bag and try it. It wasn’t actually that bad, I actually kept eating out of the bag like I was eating my favorite potato chips.

Monday is about to start, keep your head up, be you and love one another. God bless!

Lone wolf

Did you grow up with the mentality that you had to be in a huge social group of people especially during your teenage years and even now? I have absolutely been there and for years I felt something was wrong with me and that I needed to change my personality to have people like me in order to gain more friends. I would purposefully nod my head in agreement with their random commentaries and listen to their spiels. Being around these people that I absolutely have no connection and desire, only minimized my true self and my identity. I was not living to my fullest potential.

I consider myself a lone wolf with very few close people that I can call in reality friends. Most people are just acquaintances that I have met over the years. This doesn’t mean I despise them by any means, I still call them and keep a conversation going. What I’m saying is that there are a few people that I trust with secrecy and would sacrifice my time for and they would do the same. This of course seldom happens, since the few that I call my close friends respect my time and pursuit of my vision. Don’t think that there is something wrong with you that you’re more of a lone wolf than a laughing hyena. In the end, you will have your own foundation while others will fall over and perish. Stand your ground and be who you truly are. Never switch your personality to satisfy a huge crowd.

My 2 cents for today.

A helping hand

I cannot give you a formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure – which is: Try to please everybody ~ Herbert Bayard Swope

Growing up, I was always under the impression that I had to please others before I pleased myself. I would worry endlessly about having people by my side. I worried way too much about helping everyone in the family. I’m a naturally giving person when it comes to my time, strength and finances. This has always been a part of me. It was always hard to say no to someone when asked for help or even money. I could only say yes, the word “no” was not in my vocabulary.

There is nothing wrong with giving your time, strength or helping someone financially. This naturally is a good trait to possess. The problem with this trait is that someone may acknowledge your giving heart and use it against you for their own advantage. There are people that truly need our help, but sometimes we’re not that specific person for that certain situation and all we can do is support them in other ways. If we neglect ourselves always and give more than what we have, we are only sabotaging ourselves for failure and close the inner door of growth. Let me put this in another perspective;

You are a moving car. You give every person you see on the road free transportation to wherever they desire. You pick up so many people, there is no more room inside the car. The car is over filled with too much weight. You keep picking up people, taking them to their destination and picking up more people. You have forgotten to check your tire pressure, you have forgotten to change your oil to run your engine. Due to lack of maintenance, the car pops a tires and the engine stops running anymore. The car is now worthless and only good to be recycle into a new working car. There is no new beginning for that car.

Helping people is important, but to be the best helper, we must first help ourselves so we can be successful for us and the world around us. Help with what you can and always make sure that inner door is open for growth. It has taken me twenty-three years to figure out that it is perfectly fine to say no sometimes, especially when we are barely trying to fix our problems. I’m glad I understand this now. Before we can fix the world, we must fix ourselves. Our happiness will make others happy. A smile is contagious like a cold. A giving hand is contagious as well. When one does a small act of kindness that is easy to manage, others will replicate and it will make a difference. One cannot save the world except for themselves. If everyone unites, then the world can be saved. Do what we can, but never lose our soul and self care while in the process. You matter too.

I love you. Be blessed!

Find the treasure

We often complain about so much in life and try to see more of the negative than the positive in life. We forget that we have a home, food to eat and heat. We complain what we have isn’t enough and how we cannot improve. We insist that the world is so hard and so much is not achievable. Although this is normal in the beginning of our lives to complain about such matters, we need to grow and accept the fact that these so called truths, are all lies and where we are in life is only temporarily if we allow for change to transpire in our circle of life.

For starters, we need to be in the present and acknowledge the gifts and blessings we have received so far in this life by our spiritual father and universe. Learn to be grateful and praise what we have received. Praise the creator within ourself and ask for a greater vision reap into our physical reality. Before we ask for something and aspire for it to manifest, we must understand that it won’t simply happen over night and will require tribulation to reach this vision that we dream of. We must be 100 % committed to it and keep on fighting without any doubt in our mind. Of course we may fall every once in a while, but me must have the courage to get up and fight the battle. After the battle, a shining victory happens. Treasure chests full of gold, silver and fine jewelry will appear before our eyes. First we must set a map for us to follow and realize we might deal with some storms and sea monsters throughout our voyage. Once we slaughter the sea serpent, we be vigilant of any type of weather diseased and obstacle and then stand firm and fight. We will not be moved if we solely believe this. Keep reviewing that treasure map that you have created from the back of your mind. Write it down and evaluate what you must do to make the route more smoother. No road or voyage is broad and easy; behold, it is narrow and full of monsters and beasts. Taking the easy route will only keep us in one spot without any growth, only misery.

Get that treasure map drafted- you got this. You are victorious! A new beginning is right before your eyes. A little pain is okay, monetary gain and power is close.

Silver lake near Greenville, South Carolina

Love you all! Keep on fighting that battle in your mind. Don’t listen to the carnal mind, trust you spirit and form your vision.

Two things I miss about you

As you all know that I moved away from Washington state back in the month of November. I have been settling in South Carolina smoothly for the most part except for a couple of hiccups here and there. There’s just always something new to explore in the state of South Carolina. It’s 4:40 in the morning right now, and I have been slowly getting used to a normal sleep schedule ever since I got laid off from BMW. Two days later and I’m starting to sleep a little bit normal, but I have a tendency to wake up too early which might be a beneficial thing in the long run. Although four in the morning is a bit too early. It’s all fine and dandy now, after all I get to write another blog post. So when you read this be sure to brew your favorite cup of coffee.

Just to clarify, the title isn’t necessarily about a person but more about Washington State where I used to be a resident of. There were a number of things about Washington state I wasn’t a fanatic of. From the people to the politics to the high cost of living, I was happy to leave the state of Washington for good. Even though there were quite a list of attributes about Washington I didn’t really like, there are a couple of things that I enjoyed. Some of those things were of course my close friends, and ice fishing as well as going on hikes around the Spokane river.

My best friend, Ruvim, still lives in Washington state. He would probably be one of the only reasons I would visit Washington state for a few days. My brother and I grew up together since we were in elementary school. We had lots of adventures growing up together; from going on fishing trips, road trips, flying out to Cancun, throwing parties, off roading in his Jeep in the middle of no where. I remember the one time when I was nineteen years old, and I had a week off from working at the country feed store where I worked at a cashier clerk, and fork lift operator. All of a sudden, I went all spontaneous and insisted to Ruvim that we should go on a road trip to Sacramento, California.

He agreed, and I bought dozens of energy drinks to stay awake during the 14 hour drive. I remember Ruvim being rather tired, so I insisted on driving most of the way, so I kept going and going; not sleeping for over 24 hours. It was worth it though. When we got to Sacramento, we did some shopping at the outlet malls that we didn’t have in Spokane. Then we went ahead and visited some of our cousins. The day after Ruvim and I decided to go play some laser tag with my cousin Dan. This was probably the biggest laser tag place I had ever been to. We all had a fun and exciting time, making memories. Two days later, Ruvim noticed my engine making unusual noises and vibrations. We had his uncle check it out and his mechanic friend. Turns out that the car was about to break down and couldn’t be driven back home. It was a Saturn ion 2003 car, one of the worst cars you can ever own or buy. Most people that I know who had previously owned this type of car had many problems with it. I ended up having to sell it and buy last minute plane tickets to fly home.

There are plenty of stories of my friend Ruvim and I, but I’ll save some of those for another time. As for ice fishing I would go almost every winter with Ruvim and Eric his cousin, also a good friend of mine. We would go all day and sometimes even fish over night. They always had an entire tent set up, and propane heaters, so it was super comfortable and warm, making the experience even more gratifying. We would typically fish for trout, bass, and crappies. A lot of time we would either smoke the fish or make jerky out of it. The jerky was absolutely worth it. As for hiking around the Spokane river, I would constantly go out and swim at the river and look for wild life to take pictures of. I’ll have to find some pictures of the Spokane river to share.

Even though I hated Washington state with a passion, I still have some really good memories over there. I’m only saying that even when we’re in hell, we can find a slice of heaven in the midst of it all. Evidently try to find a place you’re more happy living in, but during the transition period try to find the positive element in any situation you are going through.

This is Maxwell signing off,

You all have a marvelous Sunday and I urge you all to eat a lot of steak. Blessings!

Friday morning

Good morning, my readers! I went to bed at 4 am and woke up at 8:30. I was up late talking to friends all over the world. I’m always interested in what is currently occurring in our world. With my interests, I can be talking to people for hours and hours. Even today, I went ahead and looked at my site statistics and noticed that I have even people from China and Russia reading my content. It’s truly a pleasure that people are enjoying reading my content. Get this, I no longer work for the company I was working for. In incident happened where I spoke up for myself and others. At the place I worked for, the superiors were very condescending and belittling employees. I was quite productive these last few weeks at work and one day the joints in both hands were not functioning the way they were and were excruciatingly painful to say the least. I ended up producing slightly lower than my usual and abruptly my superiors complained to me and even had the audacity to tell me that I’m a bad worker and super slow at what I do. I explained what the problem was and how I don’t appreciate being talked down to. He then sent me over to his superior to discuss about my hand. I then went to the superior of my superior to his office. I knock at the office door and walk in. In the room, four men sitting and looking at me (note: names have been changed for legal reasons). I ask for a man named Tim, he answers back, “How can I help you?” I tell him about what happened. He then goes on to say that they can’t have me working slower and how the company will just be losing money and so on. I proceeded to tell him that I was in pain and could only work to the best of my ability on my speed. He talked in a very condescending tone and started to say that he could send me to the nurse and how that an ice pack and ibuprofen is all they could probably help me with and that isn’t much to help. I then asked if they wanted me to just leave early since I’m only losing them money and the other associate began threatening me with some baseless point system that if I left early because of my pain it would count against me as a form of tardiness/absent. I looked back and responded that the few people in the office are literally insinuating that I should leave early since I’m not being as productive. I literally told them I can leave and that wouldn’t hurt me as a person and that I value my health and well being over getting hurt at a job. I then asked to go to the Nurse’s office. Tim told me that I was being disrespectful and tried to accuse me of profanity when I didn’t say any curse word. I went to the nurse’s office, had my hand checked out and was given a type of ointment and had an ice pack over my hands for about twenty minutes. I then came back to take my lunch break. After lunch, I went to my work station, worked for half an hour and then an associate called me over and told me that Tim wished to speak to me again in his office. The conversation escalated again with him just pointing fingers at me for being disrespect and he was using southern slang I wasn’t used to. Pretty much I tried to give my side of the story to the other individual and Tim just got angrier and angrier and tried to say that he was there to help me and make my job easier for me. I told him that I’m only willing to work safe and work to the best of my ability. Cutting corners on a job and skipping protocol wasn’t something I would be doing. Unfortunately many people are sucked into this particular company, having fear that this is the best they can do. Most of them had surgical procedures because of improper ways of conducting their job procedures and not following the official guidelines and stretches. I can assure them all that there are better things in life for people who ask and look for opportunity. Don’t destroy your body or risk your life to please a few people. You are replaceable in a blink of an eye. Back to my story, I worked the rest of my job shift and went home. This morning I received a phone call that the company I was subcontracted with, no longer wanted my services and felt best for me to not return. I told the dispatcher that I understood. He asked for my side of the story and went into the detail of the lack of professionalism, condescending behavior and toxic environment. He thanked me for my side of the story and notated it that way he can prevent something like this from occurring. I’m not sure if that will do much, but he said he’ll try to find me a position somewhere else to work. I’m not too worried, I know that God will provide and things happen for a reason. Better things are coming. The negative things are fading away. On the bright side, I have more time to write and work on my novel. I have the time to possibly find a writing gig or job: something I enjoy doing in life. I probably wouldn’t share this, but I feel the need to tell others to not settle for less and to know your worth. If you’re not happy with something, leave or change it, so that you are happy and are enthralled by it.

I love you all and always love yourself first. Don’t please someone and compromise your value Blessings, stay positive and always aspire for something better in life.

Headed for a new direction

The joints in my hands are all sore from the past few weeks working in the assembly line night shift. To be honest, I don’t really enjoy it and I know I’m only there for a good time, not a long time. It is just a job to form financial roots for other financial roots. I won’t go into detail about the job I’m working at, but just to convey that this job is physically draining and I aspire for something better. Matter of a fact, it is motivating me to look for opportunities in business and writing. So I’m on the search for a new direction. The direction is coming. Right now, I am looking for ways to reach more viewers and so far I have made an Instagram page and as of today I have launched an official twitter page for this site. @ZoneMaxwell is my official twitter page, please go ahead and follow it when you get a chance. According to my research, I’ve learned that twitter is one of the major platforms to be a part of when hosting a website or a blog. I thought Instagram had an advantage, but twitter out beats it. Prepare for me to speak more about twitter and Instagram. Once I get more followers and support, I know I want to launch my own merch. The merch will talk about having vision, staying positive and doing something that make us truly happy. Clothing that has a message that we won’t settle for a gloomy life and that what we want will manifest.

I love this gif of twitter haha. By the way, this literally is probably the first gif I have posted on this site.

I’m going to work on a couple of songs that I’m writing right now and my novel. I’ll be back shortly. Stay positive and as always, I appreciate my readers for reading my content as usual. If it wasn’t for you all, I wouldn’t know what direction this website would be heading.

The Dark Knight

Word of the day: Fester means “to generate puss” or “to become worse as time passes.” Source: Merriam-Webster dictionary

A lot has been happening in the world before our eyes these last couple of weeks like the conflict in Ukraine. I never thought it would get this bad, and I hope this conflict is resolved by some type of resolution. I’m sick and tired of seeing people’s lives being messed with, their livelihoods being destroyed and planting more and more fear. The people of Ukraine need more hope and less fear. I believe that within the spirit of the Ukrainian people, they will become resilient and accomplish in liberating itself from its oppressors. I remember that this is a spiritual battle not necessarily a physical one although it may seem like it. It is systems and principalities versus other types of systems and principalities. What I’m saying is that the oppressor isn’t Russia or some other country; it is the leadership (government system) in those countries that are pushing this type of agenda to divide and conquer. Most people do not want any type of bloodshed or war. May all this conflict only end in love and peace as well as two countries understanding one another in a more brotherly fashion.

Let’s skip the politics and world current affairs, I’ve said enough of my thoughts on it. I would like to share something that I had open up to me through a film I went and saw this weekend. I went out with my brother to the movie theater to watch the latest Batman film starring Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz, two great actors if I would say so myself. We decided to watch it since my birthday is this week and I figured I would treat myself to something exciting. Interesting fact about Zoë Kravitz on her father’s side, she is a descendent of Ukrainian-Jewish heritage. I figured I would bring it up since I was just talking about the Ukraine. Back to the movie and I promise I’m not going to spoil anything major in the film. I’m only going to share the archetype and symbolism in the Batman film that I’ve noticed from my perspective. Although some may disagree, these are my personal insights about the film. If you would like to share your insights, then take the liberty of commenting your point of view on the film. I would like to hear your perspective on the archetype and symbolism within the movie.

In the film, “The Batman”, you have the archetypes of a vigilante, the victim, and the lover. I will uncover each archetype and hidden message insight for each character in the film. When I watched the film, I noticed many attributes of Bruce Wayne, not only is he evidently a vigilante as I have labeled him, he realizes that the system is broken and unbalanced. He is aware that the political officials and law enforcement are pretty much all bought out by the elite and mafia. Rather than just sit and complain as well as having blind faith in a new political official, or police officer to resolve the current affairs of Gotham city, he does something about it through his actions. Instead of waiting for some entity to become the savior, he becomes the savior and puts matters into his own hands. Bruce Wayne (Batman) does a terrific job in portraying what is in being your own personal savior and striving for something better in life. Nothing will change for you unless you do something about it. Although Batman may be somewhat violent, and his methods may be less diplomatic, he nevertheless conveys that he doesn’t wish death on anyone even if the perpetrator deserves it. Some blood might be involved, but he knows better, that he isn’t really fighting with blood and flesh. He fathoms that there is a war between ideologies and principalities. Batman is rather trying to change the ideologies of people than to obliterate a life. In his eyes, killing the perpetrator will only free up a new spot for a criminal to claim. Evil will always exist; life is balanced through good and evil. The only way to change the minds of people is to educate them of their actions whether that be through words or physical/violent means, according to the Batman, or at least in the way he lives. Now on to the victim/villain archetype which is the riddler. This character in the movie is quite brilliant and knowledgeable of words and riddles. He can formulate his own type of quest/mission/puzzle to mess with people. In his eyes, he is liberating people by exposing the leaders. He feels that he has an obligation to do since he was an orphan that had a miserable childhood with barely any food nor heat constantly in hunger and freezing. His mind set has never transitioned away from being an orphan. The mindset has attached anger with it and is forming a type of understanding that even if he has to kill a corrupt politician or crooked police officer, or perhaps even have an innocent person lose its life for his personal mission then it is all worth it in the end. This type of mindset is very dangerous/destructive and teaches us that we cannot recover from our past and that we are a slave to it. The riddler could of abandoned this type of victim mindset and become his own savior to make the world a better place through pushing to finding a solution rather than just killing crooked politicians and causing chaos. The lover archetype in this film would be Cat woman. She demonstrates that she isn’t helping Batman for solely making Gotham a better place: in her mind Gotham will never recover. She is only helping Batman for revenge about her corrupt father. Cat woman even goes far as to offer Batman to abandon Gotham and to be her lover. They evidently kiss a couple of times and have some type of attraction for one another, but they both have different motives. She wants something new, and Batman wants to repair/modify the old, broken city.

Besides the archetype and symbolism that I have shared this far into the blog, I also believe that the film is trying to explain that a good man, or a woman isn’t a person with a flawless past. Actually people with a flawless past aren’t always the good guy or hero in a story. Quite often the good guy in a story has made a series of bad choices in their past, but has decided from now on to make better choices and to make the world a better place surrounding them to the best of their ability in a way redeeming themselves.

Enjoy your week everyone, and don’t be a slave to your past. Just believe in yourself and strive to do your best and keep on going forward. Love you all!