Short post

We are at the beginning of the week and Easter is coming up. A couple of days ago, I found out my cousin lost her child due to a genetic disease and I truly feel for her. This is her second child that she has lost due to a rare genetic disease. People might start pointing fingers and claim that the creator is punishing people by striking their children. I don’t believe that the creator has anything to do with it. I firmly believe their is a balance throughout our existence. Like good and evil coexisting with one another, we wouldn’t understand life without knowing death.

I do not know the answers for children dying and it is not my place nor anyone’s to list a reason. We can only answer for our own lives. How we live and where we go in our journey is up to us determine. How we choose to live may impact others, but cannot make decisions for the other party. I do believe that through these horrific and devastating stories, we learn to appreciate people around us, and value life in general. Even our laziness diminishes a greater percentage. Our recognition of the value of the time and experience teaches us that we have today and tomorrow isn’t always guaranteed. While we can make an impact, we must strive to do our best and to eliminate our self inflicted limits.

I want to end this post with three points.

1.) Be your truest self and live

2.) love and value the individuals around you.

3.) always go beyond your fictitious limits.

I love you all ❤️ always stay positive and keep sailing forward.

Friendship has no box. It is eternal, no matter what.

Do you ever feel like you’re the one always calling a certain person and never the other way around? I’ve been there, and frankly I don’t waste my time on that anymore. No matter how much you reach out to them, I can almost 100 percent assure you that very few are interested in your friendship. The people that are meant to be in your circle will reach out to you at the right time. We all have lives and most of us are going through a transition in developing as contributors in life.

Don’t ever force a friendship, allow it to flow naturally. If something is meant to be, such as a friendship, the cards will be shuffled in the right order. Some people will separate from you during a period to focus on their path to growth, and some will never reach out to you again. You shouldn’t be upset about it, since you should be working on yourself as well. In fact be happy for them. We all have destinies and if we’re always goofing off with our friends and never giving time to reflect and make our vision a reality, we will lose it all. I used to get upset when someone wouldn’t want to spend time or talk to me and realized that the world doesn’t revolve around me and I decided to try something different at 23 years old. I simply blocked the toxic people in my life, and for the rest, I stopped calling them. Weeks and months went by, no one called and I realized it wasn’t important to me as I originally thought. Eventually, I had a few people reach out to me who had some intention to do so. I no longer had to call people. The people who were meant to be, kept contact with me. Through all this, I humbled myself, and experienced the epiphany of friendships being great, but visions exceedingly greater. When we learn about vision and get closer to the goal each day, a window is opened to filter out the mindset of the past. We begin to accept that we don’t need to be acknowledged, we need to grow. If we grow, others will be inspired and want to speak with us for the sake of growth. Friendship isn’t people we talk to everyday, it is between people that reach out to one another when ever it is needed to exhort one another to become a greater version of themselves. Friendship is not limited to everyday contact, there is no handbook to this type of relationship. It doesn’t owe the opposite party anything, it only builds one another. When contact is needed, positive words are exchanged and established. Friendships aren’t dependent, they are independent and any exchanges of words or advice benefit both parties to improve.

Eric, if you’re reading this, you’re an amazing, fantastic friend. I know that we may not be calling each other everyday, but that doesn’t matter. In spirit, we are always near and our friendship is eternal. Love you, bro. Be blessed and fly like an eagle. Forget about the chickens. Happy 22nd birthday!

Don’t be alarmed if you are alone, you will attract the people you need at that moment. Wishing you all the love and growth to whoever is reading this.



All this talk about the Oscars

This entire week, we all kept hearing about the so called altercation between Will Smith and Chris Rock. Even though I hardly read or watch the news anymore, it still managed to pop up on websites and platforms that I use online. Hollywood needs to wake up and realize that a majority of us have no interest in the Oscar’s whatsoever. This is no longer the 1990s and early 2000s when it was somewhat relevant to society.

It’s really sad and takes a low level of intelligence to me when celebrities try to stage an event and call it news, just to get views and make people angry about things that don’t matter in life. People engage in different ways now, and honestly most of us have had enough with the negativity that is fed to us every single day. We want to live a fulfilling life and make a difference. Being a bunch of complainers and pointing fingers at each other will only breed corruption and vanity inside us. Why don’t we clean out a street, or help a person in need instead? Why don’t we show more of love? What is stopping us for real?

Hollywood it is 2022, we don’t want your ways of the ancients. We want a life full of love and compassion. We don’t care about what you had for breakfast or who slapped who. You mock people because of their faith, yet you have your own type of religion: where nothing is enough and that you will do anything in your power to destroy your competitor in the industry just to present yourself as a god that must be worshiped. Change your ways Hollywood, or you will become obsolete. Grow up, or soil down and decompose.

I want to talk about gardening, farming, business, finance, spirituality (our relationship with the creator), life, love, creation, creativity, subjects that enrich us and make us whole as spirits. Instead of moping about the news or current world affairs, why don’t we play some board, or card games with our family members, or children. Let’s build relationships and destroy toxic chains. Let’s restore hope and prosperity. This world may be a mess, but it shouldn’t corrupt your soul. Keep your soul pure to make the world pure.

I love you all. Be prosperous and blessed. Stay whole.

No more fools

Officially we can all say that April Fools day is now over. Hopefully none of you were pranked or tricked. I fortunately did not have to endure any trickery. Kept myself out of sight. I do remember especially during my teenage years teachers and parents constantly tell almost believable lies and how naive I was. I laugh about it now, but realize there’s some positive points to being tricked at a younger age and learning how to discern a lie from the truth and not believing everything we hear. The problem with society today is that not everyone has grown out of this. Many persons still listen to their television or phone screens and believe something without even questioning it.

I have faith that many will have an awakening and realize that most of everything that they have been listening to has been a farce, designed to control and manipulate the way we think and perceive. I pray and send energy that many will be awakened and learn to think for themselves. We might end up in chaos between friends and family for our thoughts, but at least we are detoxing the darkness and deception and accepting the truth that will set us free. It may seem to be hard at first to stop believing these lies and as if someone is periodically attacking us. This is all normal, we are being separated from the weeds. We are about to grow and produce high quality fruit. Our loved ones will deny themselves if they choose to when they’re ready. We cannot coerce them to be free and naive, otherwise that would be an oxymoron. Show love to them, but if they deny you and persecute you, walk away and never look back. You deserve to be loved.

Yesterday morning my brother got back from the gym and to his surprise, there was a turtle laying on the road. Miraculously he did not run it over. Turtle was in great shape, and matter of a fact, we both decided to hold and play with the turtle for a little bit. Then we remembered our little sister and wanted to show her the turtle and of course as expected, she freaked out. I can’t change the mind of a 12 year old, she’s still stuck in her preconceived notions. Her mind probably sees a turtle as dirty and icky that eats bugs all day. She probably even thinks the turtle might bite a finger off. This will all change once she grows and abandons her childish thinking. My brother and I ended up finding a creek not too far away and leaving the turtle there. At the very bottom, you’ll see a video that I have attached. Hope you enjoy turtles as much as I do.

On my mind, I’ll blurt it out

Even when you’re walking 🚶‍♀️ alone in the darkness, don’t be dismayed. Before you walk with someone, you need to realize that you’re choosing that road. Choose the route wisely, and careful what you ask for. Before a great achievement, alas a great disappointment shall land first, stripping away all the faulty and weak paradigms within you. This is the way. Pain might be horrific and feared, but beauty is in it. Not many experience it to the fullest, some escape fast and find their ideal comfort zone. Rejoice that your pain will bring a great awakening and realization: that something that was once in your life has finally vanished and no longer there to torment you. Love you all, the pain that you’re experiencing inside is leading you to a new world. Not sure who this was for exactly, but it was in my soul. You’re going to make it and be stronger. You’ll find someone that is going through a path similar to yours.


A couple of weeks now since I last worked, I estimate. Of course I have turned in some applications just in case, I’m just not rushing for any job. I’m more a man who enjoys making his own content or reselling certain merchandise, I now try to apply for places with good reviews. I’m now twenty-four years old and I just don’t settle for anything I see before my hands. I won’t chase after some girl, or car like when I was younger. I might get to know the girl better before I attempt to form any type of relationship. Same thing with a car, I’m not going to buy it since it presents an amazing appearance. Appearances depreciate, I’m not going to force something until it is meant to be and feasible. I only plan to run for my goals and vision. This is the only road we need to run on; the road to our success.

Some days I’m up and some days down, but I remind myself that one day cannot define my overall progress in life. Getting upset over something, only blinds my direction. Emotions are amazing qualities to have, and important. Let us remind ourselves that our mind must be in control and not our emotions. A little bit something can be beneficial, and a bit too much might be counter productive. When we fall off track, let’s evaluate and become back on track.

Everything will get better as long as we affirm it. How it gets better, is the question. Only thing we can know is that no matter what, to fight for our vision and ultimately accept that it will manifest in the physical realm. All of it is within us in the spiritual realm: we just need to keep watering those seeds we have planted. Never forget about your crops.

#iloveyouall #явасвселюблю

Grasshopper goodness

The weekend is pretty much over now and I hope everyone had a wonderful time full of life growing experiences. I definitely have had an amazing Saturday and Sunday full of excitement. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Life is going smooth and I’m grateful for where it is headed. Some days may be challenging for me, yet I remind myself that whenever there is opposition or an opposing force that I have to battle, I am on the right track to overcome the trials and tribulations that I may face in this earthly life. Silence only symbolizes that we will settle on less and therefore never grow. When there is silence, you are where the enemy wants you to be. My life isn’t literally gold on the walls, but I’m headed that direction. As long as I don’t permit fear to take over my vision in life, then I’ll eventually reach a point where I want to be. When I reach that point, I will keep raising it up. I don’t ever plan on stopping. We can always achieve something new in life. We may know 100 different skills, and it wouldn’t hurt to learn skill 101. Just stopping because we accomplished so much in our eyes isn’t a legitimate excuse on blocking the road to our everlasting potential in life. Keep that curious mind moving forward and explore something new whenever opportunity presents itself.

By the way, this is quite the most random, but hear me out. I went to the flea market this weekend where you can buy various products and food for a bargain. As I was browsing through each table stand, I ran into one where a man from Latin America was preparing spicy dried grasshoppers that were seasoned in red peppers and garlic. What did I do? Well I had to buy a bag and try it. It wasn’t actually that bad, I actually kept eating out of the bag like I was eating my favorite potato chips.

Monday is about to start, keep your head up, be you and love one another. God bless!

Lone wolf

Did you grow up with the mentality that you had to be in a huge social group of people especially during your teenage years and even now? I have absolutely been there and for years I felt something was wrong with me and that I needed to change my personality to have people like me in order to gain more friends. I would purposefully nod my head in agreement with their random commentaries and listen to their spiels. Being around these people that I absolutely have no connection and desire, only minimized my true self and my identity. I was not living to my fullest potential.

I consider myself a lone wolf with very few close people that I can call in reality friends. Most people are just acquaintances that I have met over the years. This doesn’t mean I despise them by any means, I still call them and keep a conversation going. What I’m saying is that there are a few people that I trust with secrecy and would sacrifice my time for and they would do the same. This of course seldom happens, since the few that I call my close friends respect my time and pursuit of my vision. Don’t think that there is something wrong with you that you’re more of a lone wolf than a laughing hyena. In the end, you will have your own foundation while others will fall over and perish. Stand your ground and be who you truly are. Never switch your personality to satisfy a huge crowd.

My 2 cents for today.

A helping hand

I cannot give you a formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure – which is: Try to please everybody ~ Herbert Bayard Swope

Growing up, I was always under the impression that I had to please others before I pleased myself. I would worry endlessly about having people by my side. I worried way too much about helping everyone in the family. I’m a naturally giving person when it comes to my time, strength and finances. This has always been a part of me. It was always hard to say no to someone when asked for help or even money. I could only say yes, the word “no” was not in my vocabulary.

There is nothing wrong with giving your time, strength or helping someone financially. This naturally is a good trait to possess. The problem with this trait is that someone may acknowledge your giving heart and use it against you for their own advantage. There are people that truly need our help, but sometimes we’re not that specific person for that certain situation and all we can do is support them in other ways. If we neglect ourselves always and give more than what we have, we are only sabotaging ourselves for failure and close the inner door of growth. Let me put this in another perspective;

You are a moving car. You give every person you see on the road free transportation to wherever they desire. You pick up so many people, there is no more room inside the car. The car is over filled with too much weight. You keep picking up people, taking them to their destination and picking up more people. You have forgotten to check your tire pressure, you have forgotten to change your oil to run your engine. Due to lack of maintenance, the car pops a tires and the engine stops running anymore. The car is now worthless and only good to be recycle into a new working car. There is no new beginning for that car.

Helping people is important, but to be the best helper, we must first help ourselves so we can be successful for us and the world around us. Help with what you can and always make sure that inner door is open for growth. It has taken me twenty-three years to figure out that it is perfectly fine to say no sometimes, especially when we are barely trying to fix our problems. I’m glad I understand this now. Before we can fix the world, we must fix ourselves. Our happiness will make others happy. A smile is contagious like a cold. A giving hand is contagious as well. When one does a small act of kindness that is easy to manage, others will replicate and it will make a difference. One cannot save the world except for themselves. If everyone unites, then the world can be saved. Do what we can, but never lose our soul and self care while in the process. You matter too.

I love you. Be blessed!

Find the treasure

We often complain about so much in life and try to see more of the negative than the positive in life. We forget that we have a home, food to eat and heat. We complain what we have isn’t enough and how we cannot improve. We insist that the world is so hard and so much is not achievable. Although this is normal in the beginning of our lives to complain about such matters, we need to grow and accept the fact that these so called truths, are all lies and where we are in life is only temporarily if we allow for change to transpire in our circle of life.

For starters, we need to be in the present and acknowledge the gifts and blessings we have received so far in this life by our spiritual father and universe. Learn to be grateful and praise what we have received. Praise the creator within ourself and ask for a greater vision reap into our physical reality. Before we ask for something and aspire for it to manifest, we must understand that it won’t simply happen over night and will require tribulation to reach this vision that we dream of. We must be 100 % committed to it and keep on fighting without any doubt in our mind. Of course we may fall every once in a while, but me must have the courage to get up and fight the battle. After the battle, a shining victory happens. Treasure chests full of gold, silver and fine jewelry will appear before our eyes. First we must set a map for us to follow and realize we might deal with some storms and sea monsters throughout our voyage. Once we slaughter the sea serpent, we be vigilant of any type of weather diseased and obstacle and then stand firm and fight. We will not be moved if we solely believe this. Keep reviewing that treasure map that you have created from the back of your mind. Write it down and evaluate what you must do to make the route more smoother. No road or voyage is broad and easy; behold, it is narrow and full of monsters and beasts. Taking the easy route will only keep us in one spot without any growth, only misery.

Get that treasure map drafted- you got this. You are victorious! A new beginning is right before your eyes. A little pain is okay, monetary gain and power is close.

Silver lake near Greenville, South Carolina

Love you all! Keep on fighting that battle in your mind. Don’t listen to the carnal mind, trust you spirit and form your vision.