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“The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear.”

~Brian Tracy

The sabbath 🕍

Happy Saturday, my readers! It’s 8 pm and I’m actually sitting on the couch as I’m writing this. Just got back from delivering a shelf that I was selling on Facebook. Had it posted for 85 dollars and the man that was interested, offered me 100 dollars to deliver it to his house. So myContinue reading “The sabbath 🕍”

An assignment

It’s November 4th and you are reading this whether it be right now or in the late future after I publish this post. Perhaps it’s five years after I post this; regardless. I was listening to a presentation about goals today and it brought up a good point, or should I correct myself and sayContinue reading “An assignment”

Winter is nigh

I haven’t written anything much these last couple of weeks. Sometimes I need a writing break to freshen up my mind. Some of my cousins actually noticed that I haven’t written all that much in the last two weeks, I simply told them that I was taking a break and that I have a lotContinue reading “Winter is nigh”


Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope everyone had an amazing day today. I certainly did, I walked around Mirabeau park and the Spokane river. It was beyond beautiful today. After my walk, I got on Uplive (broadcasting app) and talked to many intriguing individuals. There was one person in particular who caught my attention by theContinue reading “NightModeConcept”


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