Travel goals

Happy Saturday evening, everyone that is reading! I honestly slept in- my body still thinks it’s still on the night shift schedule even though I am off today. I was thinking a lot today, about some more things to add to my bucket list. Possibly starting next year, I want to visit the Philippines, South America, Asia, and parts of Europe. I’ll probably visit the Philippines first. The people in the Philippines seem very friendly and cordial, with ambition to teach more about their culture and politics. They will be open with you and share a level of positivity out of them regardless if they are going through difficult times. I’ve yet to see that in a culture at least from my life. I figured I would share this goal online, to eventually travel all over. Life is too short, make it the best you can out of it.

Special announcement

If you are ever feeling like you are at your lowest, remember that this is not permanent. Hard times come and will make you even stronger than before. The hard times may come first, but the reward sweet as honey and shiny as gold is at nigh. The defeat your looking at right now can and will change if you allow it and acknowledge that nothing is permanent, we can change anything for the better with a better mind set. Don’t be hopeless, turn it into some hopefullness. If you’re feeling horrible inside, try to do a good deed for someone. It might just make you feel a lot much better inside. It isn’t the big things that move our state of mind, but most often the small increments.

Outer banks

I’ve been asked many times if I’m watching any shows on Netflix right now. This current year I have restricted myself to a limited amount of entertainment. I haven’t watched any television show for the past three months. I only got back to a little bit of tv a couple of weeks ago since season 2 of Outer banks was released. It’s been out for a couple of months now, but I only got to it a couple of weeks ago because my focus and time have been elsewhere. This show is about a group of teenagers that live in the outer Banks of North Carolina, they’re on a search for treasure that is supposedly just a legend. I won’t go further into the show, but I highly recommend it if you’re into treasure hunt themed movies and shows. I am almost done with season 2. The season has 10 episodes, and I’ve been taking my time watching it. I’ve noticed for myself that when I binge watch a TV show, I am not as thrilled and a lot of times forget what the show was all about. Watching about an episode a day keeps my mind more likely to recall what a single episode is all about. Overloading our minds with too much information isn’t productive and will only confuse us even further. If I have extra time this weekend then I might finish the season. I only have a couple episodes to go.

A goal for myself

“Save your money!” I’ve heard that countless times ever since I can remember. That might sound simple on paper or heard, but honestly it’s not that easy for most. Easy just might not be the correct word. Factually it’s not that it is easy or difficult to save money, but most people have a problem with starting a commitment for a new goal or routine. I realized that spending money on things that don’t matter can be stopped if we channel that same energy to save instead. So far, I haven’t bought any gadget that isn’t necessary, stopped buying coffee/energy drinks everyday, stopped going out to fancy restaurant, stopped spending money on beer/alcohol, etc. Although all these things in moderation might be fine with having it a part of our life, I have decided that I no longer enjoy these things, but I would rather learn new ways on self improving on becoming an individual that desires to grow financially and have everlasting wisdom. Being financially independent is a characteristic many dream of but lack the motivation to pursue. If we desire this independence, we must put in the work and strive to gain new knowledge on pursuing our goals more effectively. Through reading books and listening to podcasts about finances, I have decided to set a goal for myself to live frugal to the best of my ability and to save money for my benefit that way I can potentially reinvest the money into something that will provide me with constant cash flow. There are other goals that I will be setting for myself but this one is the main big one that I will challenge myself with always. What goals have you set for yourself, or that you plan to set? Feel free to comment or private message me. I would love to hear about it.

Thank you for reading!

hedgehogs 🦔🦔🦔

Recently someone asked me online if I had any tattoos and if so how many?

To answer that question, I only have one tattoo and it is of a hedgehog. I have always been fascinated with hedgehogs ever since I was a child. From Russian folk tales to sonic the hedgehog, I greatly enjoyed the animal that when I turned 13 years old, I bought myself a pet hedgehog without even asking my parents. I wanted one so bad and no one would get in my way. My first hedgehog was Jingles, she was honestly my favorite, but ultimately I bought more hedgehogs and began breeding them. This was a little hobby/side business for me- I even bought my first car from the profits I earned.

I never envisioned on getting a tattoo, but one day when I was 20 years old living in Billings, Montana, the idea of getting a hedgehog tattoo had occurred in my mind. I kept dreaming and reminiscing about owning hedgehogs that I wanted something to remember my hedgehogs especially Jingles by. I am 23 years old right now, have had the tattoo for over three years now. Do I plan on getting another tattoo? It’s very possible. Who knows I might get one next year. You just never know- I am very spontaneous about those types of decisions.

Magical Sunday 🧚🏼‍♂️

I fathom that it is now Monday and what I’m about to share had happened yesterday, but I am going to share anyways. Today I want to dedicate my blog post to Eric and Ilona Davydenko. Sunday was their magical day, the day they became one.

Allow me to begin from the beginning, my brother and I arrived right at 3 PM. We went and picked our seats for the wedding service. Initially the service was planned to be held outside, but due to the weather and certain circumstances, it was held inside. Don’t let this dismay your emotions, it is all about to become full of magical light once you read the whole story. The pastor had begun his sermon on the union of two individuals in love becoming as one entity. As he preached, he had mentioned that Eric and Ilona were one of the most romantic individuals he had counseled through their journey of becoming married to one another. Eric’s grandfather said a prayer, blessing his grandson and his future granddaughter in-law. He made comments that it was truly a gift/blessing from God that he was given the opportunity to see another grandson get married and that the blessing had passed on to another generation. Then Ilona’s father prayed and then Eric’s father said, “May your marriage be based on love. Only love. Love is the greatest thing.” Eric’s father and mother blessed and hugged their son and future daughter in-law. It was beautiful to witness all of this. The pastor then had Eric and Ilona partake in an activity that involved the both of them mixing two types of sand, symbolizing their transition from two people to one. They both did not compete with one another, in fact they both took their time and supported/assisted one another with the task, demonstrating their first teamwork process officially as a married couple. This was quite beautifully demonstrated. An interesting point that the pastor made was that a couple that loves each other will ultimately mimic one another though facial expressions, gestures and attitude. This truly was observed today, truly they are magnetic, better yet, they are like a mirror; reflecting each other in a positive light. After the service, everyone went outside to take pictures and a rainbow could be seen. Truly symbolizing a new, and great beginning.

Eric, if you are reading this: Thank you so much for inviting me to your wedding. It was truly a pleasure to see one of my best friends in getting married. You and Ilona are going to achieve so much! I am honored to have you as one of my best friends. You are an amazing person, full of love for other people. You care about other people. You can go through any obstacle. You are a warrior. One day you’ll be a terrific father and grandfather to so many kids. I know you said you only wanted like 2 kids but I’m sure you’ll have a lot more. After all, you need a bunch of fishing partners for when you go fishing. Same goes for you, Ilona. You are going to be an incredible mother and grandmother. When Eric gets a bruise or scratch, he won’t need a hospital. He has something better and that’s you. Keep up the good work you two, can’t wait to see what all the both of you achieve. Blessings!

Nicki Minaj

Oh my God! Is Maxwell doing a blog about Nicki Minaj?

Typically, I don’t write about celebrities as much since most of them do not peak my interest. Not to say that there is anything wrong with admiring certain celebrities. I believe many people idolize them too much and cannot think for themselves. I personally never really hated Nicki, in fact I enjoyed a few of her songs. She pulled something different than the usual celebrity. What did she pull off differently? The fact that she questioned the COVID vaccines that have been aggressively pushed by the White House and mainstream media for people to get. She’s realized that this isn’t a black or white issue, or a republican democrat issue. She knows something isn’t right about all of this.

The first tweet that you see might sound silly at first, but having a swollen part in your body isn’t necessarily a laughing matter. It’s quite serious and people shouldn’t just dismiss this tweet. I like how she says that people shouldn’t be bullied to get the vaccine. In actuality it makes me question it more now that the mainstream media is pushing it so much. If a vaccine was legitimate and effective, wouldn’t we see it not being forced on people? Forcing something on someone without providing proper information about the vaccine really sounds more fishy to me.

I also want to commend Nicki for her second tweet. She in fact states that she’ll do her research before deciding on whether or not she intends on getting inoculated. She will not receive the vaccine because of social events or the met event. Social pressure isn’t the answer in getting the vaccine. Who I once thought was just a rapper that rapped about unimportant things, is a wise woman. I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I really think she is wise unlike most of the celebrities who blindly follow everything the mainstream pushes.

Not sure if you’ll read this, Nicki- but thank you so much for voicing your opinion! You rock!

Phone culture

Doesn’t it seem as if most of us are repeatedly buying a new phone literally every 6 months without even questioning the logic behind it? I have noticed this type of behavior in my country for the past several years. I personally switch out a phone every three years or so when the phone begins to barely function. I recently only bought an IPhone 12 Pro. Do I like the phone? Yes, I do and I only bought it because my phone was a few years old and began to have problems appear. I am not telling anyone what to do and I only suggest that perhaps we shouldn’t be so haste on buying a new phone every time a new one is release. Maybe we should instead save our money and find ways to invest it that way we can have more profit and be able to have a financial safety net. There will be days when we have an unexpected bill, or need to repair our vehicle, etc and it always important to have money set aside for those types of emergencies.

Living paycheck to paycheck will only cause us to stress more and likely to borrow money from banks with high interest which will ultimately enslave us to work even more than we do normally. I have been in debt before, thinking it was a normal trend to go through. It wasn’t normal. Honesty I was working more than an average person trying to maintain a lifestyle that I couldn’t afford. Had I instead invested my money into different resources, I could have reached that lifestyle by now. The good news is that it’s never too late. I’ll eventually get to that level now that I am learning more about finances and investments. Every day is a lesson that will prepare me for the big tests I’ll face in the near future. Instead of spending money on items that aren’t important, read about ways you can triple your money. For now go on a walk, it’ll make you feel better and more appreciative of what you already have in life. Spend less on nonessential so and spend more on your lessons on improving as an individual. iPhone 13 was just released and I will not be buying one. I suggest you to do the same and buy something that’ll help you in the future of your success.

This was my 2 cents for the day. Stay blessed and be humble!

Another name

You ever wonder if you were named another name? Or better yet, if you had to change your name, what would you change it to? I’ve thought about this many times and honestly this might sound bizarre than ever. But I would change my name to 7 7 7. Maxwell, why would you want some random numbers as your name? What do the numbers even mean?

To respond to those two basic questions I’ll elaborate a bit on it. For starters those aren’t any ordinary numbers and no I don’t gamble. I understand why someone would think of it as a lucky number or something you’d see in a casino game. I was born on the 7th day of March in the year of 1998. If you go back to the calendar of that year, I was born on a Saturday (7th day of the week) and lastly my first name has 7 characters. So if I were to change my name, it technically would still be my original name but in number form with my identity hidden within in plain sight. Yes, it’s thought out pretty strategically and also quite eccentrically but it functions well in my mind for if I ever had to change my name. Regardless of what I have chosen for my alias, I would love to hear what name you would choose.

Please comment your potential new name below. As always feel free to provide your thoughts and comments.

September 16th, 2021

I couldn’t come up with a title for this blog post, so why not the date? Today is Thursday and of course I am working tonight. Typically this is the last day of the week to work but this week I was requested to work an extra eight hours tomorrow (Friday) which is fine. A little bit of extra money is fine sometimes, but working overtime constantly is not my thing. I have worked too much overtime the past three years when I was still in the union, averaging 60-70 hrs a week. I was burned up for sure. Plus I paid more taxes so it honestly wasn’t worth it. It took me three years to realize this, so definitely take the advice if you need it. It’s better to work on yourself overtime instead of your boss or a company. The best I can do is work on myself to find other methods to make revenue than have to work for someone.

Another thing I thought about mentioning is that we should be more frugal with our money and instead of just spending it on gadgets, or going out to fancy restaurants every day, we should invest it into something whether it be in real estate, stocks, business startups, flipping houses/cars. At least our money can grow and ultimately have some type of cash flow system that works for us. Try to find something we (you) enjoy and see if there’s a way to invest in it. Not saying it has to be something we enjoy, but it can be a way to figure out how to start. Have a discussion in your mind about it then write it down. Writing your ideas can help you grow more thoughts and even make it easier to attach your thoughts with someone else to produce something extraordinary.

My break is about to end and I’m thankful that I got some time to share my thoughts that have been on my mind this week. Be blessed you all!