Quick recap of my weekend

The work week was busier than usual. I got moved from sanding the metal to bead blasting and de-fixturing metal flanges. Honestly I don’t mind the move, I definitely get more interaction with people this way. Most of the people are very friendly and willing to teach me everything I need to know in order to succeed. The first day of the transition was a bit difficult but after making a couple mistakes and realizing the right questions to ask, I quickly fixed my errors and improved greatly all in one day. Even one of my supervisors was impressed and astounded at the same time. He said he hasn’t seen anyone improve at a skill that quickly in a long time. This indeed was encouraging for me to hear. There was one man that I was working with, I won’t mention his name. But for the sake of the story, I’ll call him Jeffrey. Jeffrey has always been so negative with other workers at least since I started working for this new company. I haven’t really seen him smile or be friendly one bit, which is fine. I don’t allow that to change how I feel inside. I do my best to always stay positive and see the light even when I’m in a dark situation. On Thursday I asked him if he could check my work and make sure I properly followed the instructions. He became all upset all of a sudden because I asked for his guidance and tried to say that I need to follow directions better even though it was my first day learning a different skill than usual. Later at the end of the shift, he became upset and said that I lied about knowing where a certain chemical was kept for whenever we were low and went on to say that I needed to stop being a liar and become a better worker. He tried to be condescending as possible and even when one of the machinists was trying to teach me an intriguing skill on machining certain metals, he told the other machinist that I’m a nobody and should only know certain skills and not learn any further. I later told Jeffrey before leaving that no matter how negative and condescending he behaves, I will not be affected and in fact stay positive. I also said that I have better things outside to do than think about the drama he is trying to cause at work between employees. He looked at me with shock and said, “see you next week.” It felt amazing shutting down his negative program and I feel he might look at me differently the next time we have some type of interaction.

On Saturday my cousin, Evelyn got married and about 150 people attended. It was in a good little area in the country. You could see a greenhouse, chickens and cats roaming around. Even the garage was remodeled into a building for hosting weddings. Everything was so well thought out, wood work was beyond incredible. Although this was a smaller wedding than usual, it was nice and peaceful and gave me a chance to catch up with my cousin’s on my father’s side that I hadn’t talked to since the passing away of my paternal grandfather (that’s a story for another time). Some of my cousins want to be missionaries and even one of them by the name of Angelica is studying in seminary school out in Orlando, Florida. She stated that she wants to travel around the world and help as many people as she can through spreading the gospel. It was amazing to see her smile as she described her enthusiasm for missionary work. I could literally tell that she was sincere in everything that she stands for. Angelica, if you’re reading this, I wish you many blessings and may God always give you strength in your endeavors. The entertainer, Maksim, at my cousin’s wedding did a splendid job on entertaining the crowd. He even hosted a few games for the wedding. One of the games was where you had the kids look for certain objects and whoever found that object first won a prize. One of the orders was to find a Bible and of course no one had a Bible where we were eating. So I had an interesting thought. I grab a napkin and write “the Bible” on it, then I hand it to one of the kids. The child hands it over to Maksim. Maksim looks over and says, “clever. I know someone that attempted doing something similar, except his instruction was to find a hundred dollars. Good job, regardless.” Everyone had a good laugh and smiled about it. My family and I took lots of pictures with my cousin, Evelyn and her husband, Andray. I’ll have some pictures posted below. We all had a lot of food and russian style desserts. I hadn’t had this much sugar in months. I literally almost had a sugar crash from all the sweetness. Near the end of the wedding, we all prayed and then lit some Roman candles to congratulate the couple one more time. We were all so happy for them. The sparkles and excitement filling us with a happy spirit. Andray and Evelyn congrats on your marriage, may you both have the best life ever! Always be adventurous!

After this wedding my brother and I were talking about possibly getting into the wedding business. Perhaps not full time but we wouldn’t mind doing this as a gig for during the summer for whenever we’re wanting to do something different to make a living. We’ll absolutely see if we end up trying to pursuing this as a gig, but it could perhaps be an option for the both of us. Interesting fact about my brother and I, we’re both ordained ministers. We can legally marry any one.

Monday is finally here, it’s now three in the morning. I hear a few cats meowing outside and the dogs barking. I’m not sure why they’re making noise this early. I on the other hand am beginning to feel sleepy and realize I should start resting as I have my shift starting at 4:30 pm today. This weekend truly went by fast and I wish it had went by slower. But what that means is that I had an enjoyable weekend. Thankfully I have one more wedding coming up this weekend before Summer is officially over. I’ll have to write about it next week. I’ll keep you all updated. I hope everyone enjoyed my post today. Even if you didn’t, I hope you have an amazing day and that you experience something noteworthy this week that will change your life for the better. You are all amazing people. Never underestimate yourself and always keep your head up high.

333 Pinecone Jam

It’s 3:33 am right now and I cannot fall asleep. Before someone tries to say that I had too much caffeine, I hardly had much today since I had the day off. I feel as if my body is naturally on the night schedule now no matter whether I’m off for a day or two. Any of you have this issue? Definitely feel free to comment about it. With my sleeplessness, I was scrolling through random videos on tiktok and noticed someone that had two pet raccoons and honestly they seem pretty well behaved, almost like a dog. I literally see it as a possibility for me to even have a raccoon as a pet sometime in my life. Growing up as a teenager, I raised various exotic animals. I was that kid that would bring home an animal without asking my parents. Some animals that I had raised were hedgehogs, rats, snakes, peacocks, emus, pheasants, exotic ducks, quail, chukars, geese, chickens, etc. I really enjoyed having these types of pets and I had a huge enjoyment over them.

Other than not being able to sleep, I did try some pine cone jam. Yes, it’s literally something you can eat and the pine cones are all edible. Apparently it started in Siberia as a medicinal food that you would have a teaspoon or two of. They would use it for inflammation, as well as treating gastritis and ulcers. It can also help with treating a cold, has anti-viral properties in the syrup. speaking of which, I was coughing and my nose was a little runny and literally within half an hour this jam helped my symptoms vanish. I’m not joking and I’m glad my dad told me about it. I’ve never heard about it until yesterday. Feel free to research more about it, but I definitely recommend buying a jar of it, even for just the taste to have with cheese and crackers or over some vanilla ice cream.

Let me know what you all think if you end up trying it. Blessing and may you all have an amazing weekend!

Freaky Friday

It’s been a busy yet a productive week to describe it. I’m listening to my little sister play the piano right now. When I was younger I played the piano for a few years or so. I honestly enjoyed it, but it gives me another perspective by listening to a piano being played versus myself playing. I appreciate the value of the music manually produced now than I did as a child and teenager. Could I play the piano right now if I had to? I definitely could still read the sheet music and figure out wear to place my hands, but I firmly believe I could refresh on it a bit quicker than an intermediate. It’s almost like riding a bike, you never fully forget but need to retrain in order to be uniform again.

Today I received my first pay check from my new job. It’s always been a good feeling to get paid, but I know that I won’t be working for someone always. Ultimately, I’ll be working for myself. Being our own master and having our own assets will bring us control, cash flow and financial independence for our own individuality and gain. I’m not saying that working for someone is a negative thing, but for myself, I want to grow and be independent for once. If you plan on staying with your job/position and love it, then aspire to grow in your job rank. Growth is beneficial for you; more pay, responsibility, recognition, opportunities and etc. Everyone has the option to be the master or not. Regardless we should strive to make the experience a positive one that will enhance us as people. All because you work for Albertsons or any grocery store, doesn’t mean that you can’t be a director of the location one day. I know people that started off as a bagger or a cashier and slowly grew up in the ladder. One of them just works at an office, managing the supervisors and essentially enforces the foundation of the store. He loves it and says his hard work has gotten him this far in life. It just takes loving what you do, showing initiative, showing up, working smart and hard. Not caring about what we do at all will not give us the proper type of recognition. Bad recognition is not what we should desire. Being seen as a sharp individual is what should be desired if we plan on growing up the ladder when working for a person.

I was listening to a lecture by Jim Rohn. He made a lot of interesting points that made sense. He suggested that people that want wealth should read books about wealth. He even went far as to suggest that we should even examine what the wealthy eat, figure out what they do differently from poor people. Maybe we should change certain habits in our lives. He went on to say that to not read what poor people read, only know what not to read. Another big point he made was that to get a bunch of advice from a millionaire we should try to invite them out to dinner, pay for their meal. Some might look at this as foolish, but to get certain information to profit you as a person then you must exchange it with something of value. By doing this, the person we invite will see that we’re not kidding around. We want to hear all of his/her advice. We want their manual. We want to network with them. We want a foundation. This made me think more about it, when I meet more millionaires and business people, I anticipate on having them out to dinner, fishing trips, walks, etc. They’re giving up their own expense aka their time, to be with us. The least we can do is make it worthwhile for them to help us grow. The cycle will continue, one day someone will invite you for something, asking for your advice.

I was given the suggestion of reading “The millionaire next door”. This book is next on my list. I have heard many positive attributes about this particular book. I plan on sharing my thoughts about it in the near future. Tomorrow my cousin, Evelyn is getting married. I’m super excited to attend. Time has flown by way too rapidly for me to notice. A lot of the people we grew up who we always considered as toddlers are now growing up so fast. Some are having families, some are traveling around the world, some are making magnificent discoveries; it is truly incredible to witness all of this. I just hope it doesn’t rain too much as it did today. I’ll take some pictures and have to upload them on my next blog post. Stay tuned to the pictures.

Thank you again for reading my post! You guys are incredible. 🙂

Why are you so afraid?

Photo by Faruk Tokluou011flu on Pexels.com

Isn’t it crazy that we on a daily basis can be too hooked up on what we fear? What if I were to tell you that fear is just a concept that we are too afraid to approach due to small amounts of familiarity. We are only afraid before something actually occurs. As soon as something does happen whether it’s positive or negative, we just accept it as fact. Here’s a quote that caught my attention:

“Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold.” ~Helen Keller

Perhaps in reality we just hide too much away from the many opportunities we can proceed. Nothing is stopping us but ourselves. A great amount of those opportunities can change our lives for the better. We must be more mindful. Look at the pros over the cons and not allow the fear of failure to scare us away. Even if we do fail at least we know what not to do the next time. If we don’t try to grab an opportunity while it’s in front of us, then we might as well just stay in our parent’s basement which is not healthy for us.

Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels.com

“Do not be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” ~John Rockefeller

Could it be that we are just comfortable in the position we hold? Could it be that it’s easier just to stay at the level we are at? Comfort may be good at first, but it will never be great. By great, I mean considerable or substantial in comparison to just “good”, a desired position. We could have more if we allow to put ourselves to the test in changing our atmosphere, lifestyle, and attitude about certain things. Benjamin Franklin once said to not be afraid of making mistakes and that you will truly understand what failure is, which will teach you to surround yourself with people that can build you up as an individual to ultimately succeed.

This past labor day weekend, I went to a church barbecue and met a few people from Vancouver, Washington. The conversations we had were absolutely encouraging and inspiring. It was super simple to talk with about what they do for a living. Trust me, they gave me some ideas to pursue. A particular individual, who is a whole seller for homes, ex-real estate agent suggested to me to listen to a podcast called “BiggerPockets Real Estate and money podcast” and “Jerry Norton”. He told me that this is what made him quit as a realtor and pursue a career where he can be his own master and make more money above an average realtor. I am going to be listening to this at work all week, and I’ll be jotting down notes for self reflection and to retain information. I will be sharing some valuable information that I learn from the podcasts this week. I look forward to learning something out of the ordinary soon. If you’ve been here from the beginning, I am excited to see where my knowledge leads me.

Hopefully you all did something this weekend. I had a good time, spent time with family, met some new people, went on some hikes, listened to music and even made a few tiktok videos that you can check out. I need some suggestions from my readers about my next article, so if you have a thought please don’t hesitate to share. I am always excited to hear what you all have to say. May you all have an incredible weekend- keep looking for those opportunities and pursuing them.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Pexels.com

Happy Labor Day!

Good morning, everyone! Just got on to check the stats of my blog and I just received a notification that my website has received already over 500 visitors. This might not be a whole lot, but to me that is progress. I’m glad I am seeing some type of growth rather than no growth. I’m hoping that I will reach over 1000 people in the coming weeks. I’ll attempt to focus more issues that the readers are wanting me to focus on. I exhort all of you to contact me and send me your suggestions. I’ll try to cover every single topic to the best of my ability. Even if I know a very little to not a thing about a certain topic, I am willing to research and gain more knowledge about it. Knowledge brings awareness. Awareness brings action. I want to contribute in a manner that will benefit my readers to look forward to each day and to not give up.

Most of you reading this are probably off today because of Labor Day. It might be nice for you to have the extra day off, or perhaps you really needed the hours and wanted to make overtime for the holiday. Try to look at the positive as best you can. You might have been told to not work, but remember you are given time to instead have a good time to yourself, spend time with family, more time for the body to recover from work. The benefits are endless. If you are working, then please take your time and don’t do anything above your capability without assistance. Your life is far worth more than your job. Jobs are replaceable, your life isn’t.

It has been over a year since my uncle passed away. He may have had a shady past, but he had a good heart that he found difficult to express. I may have some bad memories of him, I want to share a good one of him. This had to have been the Summer of 2016, I took him fishing with me to the Spokane river. It was a hot day with a slight breeze. He didn’t really like to fish, but just liked to watch and talk. I wasn’t catching anything for hours. Something wasn’t right. I didn’t even have a bite. As I was about to end my fishing early, my uncle Boris did something out of the ordinary. He pulls out one of those new testaments that you get for free from the fair or events. Rips off one of the pages, and rolls weed with it. Then he says, “After I smoke this holy blunt, you will catch a fish in the name of Jesus Christ.” I looked at him funny and almost laughed. Regardless, I recasted my fishing pole and literally in a matter of microseconds, I had a strong bite, that the both of my arms felt like were being pulled so forcefully. I kept reeling it in and there it was, a bass above average size. I didn’t know what to say to my uncle, but he looked at me and said that it was his faith and the power of Jesus Christ. I’ll never forget this event in my life.

Hope everyone enjoyed my short story about my uncle Boris. It’s been over a year since he was murdered, but I’ll never forget some of the interesting stories about him. Today felt like an opportunity to share a story about him. When I’m feeling it, I’ll share more stories about uncle Boris.

Thanks for reading and be blessed! Have an amazing Labor Day- go out and take a swim or better yet, go catch some fish.


Happy Saturday Ya’ll! I hope you all are having a spectacular weekend. After all, Labor day is coming up and it is officially almost the end of Summer. It’s officially midnight for me and as per the usual, I have a rock star in my hand- Whipped Strawberry. It makes sense, since I want to blog about Rockstar today. I might have mentioned before, but I prefer rockstars over any other leading brand- not only is the name a perfect one, there are many flavors in both sugar or sugar free forms; each flavor has a different illustration in each can. The look of every can is quite catchy, and makes the consumer more inclined to purchase the product. Who wants a monster with scary claws and that some claim represents “the mark of the beast”, when you can have a can full of art, fun and positive party vibes? The taste of any rockstar in my opinion by far exceeds most energy drinks, and don’t get me wrong, there are a few other energy beverages I enjoy. I enjoy rockstar at most. Enough about me boasting about how much I enjoy rockstars, I want to cover the inception of Rockstar.

Rockstar was started by Russ Weiner also known for being the son of the talk show host, Michael Savage. Since as a child, Weiner had entrepreneurial ambitions. At age eight, he began his own yard service venture that began to mold him into who he is today. Also as a teenager he worked at Wendy’s. Besides having an interest in being an entrepreneur, he also had political interests as his father, which ultimately brought him to pursue a bachelors in political science at San Diego State University. He graduated and then sold trips to Mexico and Hawaii, targeted to high school graduates that wanted a sensational trip before having to attend college. In 1998, he ran under a conservative ticket to become a member of the California State Assembly. Unfortunately, he only landed roughly 30.5 percent of the votes. This of course wasn’t the end for him, after showing his performance and skills in running a political campaign, Skyy Vodka founder, Maurice Kanbar was galvanized that he even offered Weiner a position. According to Weiner, Kanbar was impressed with his patriotism. These were Weiner’s words with Forbes in 2014:

“He saw I had the guts to stand up with the American flag — and people cursing my name,

Working at Skyy Vodka positioned Weiner one step away from reaching Billionaire status. While working for Kanbar, he had a realization that he should run his own energy drink, especially after seeing that many companies that launched their own energy drink began to generate revenue terrifically. He tried to propose his idea to Kanbar and due to different viewpoints and the both of them not seeing eye-to-eye, Weiner left his position at Skyy Vodka. After receiving a 50k mortgage loan from his condo and creating his brand design, he officially launched his company in 2001. Many consumers were amazed at his product, viewing it as cheaper than Redbull as well as having more caffeine content and a larger size for an energy drink can. Energy drinks during the early 2000s were not huge in size, and Rockstar’s 16 oz can had launched a precedent for a newer energy drink standard. He had a few different ways to promote his product, but one unusual method was driving an older limousine with rockstar painted at the side of the vehicle. At first Rockstar was in partnership with Coca-cola, who handled the distribution up until 2009 when the partnership ended due to Weiner having a short circuit in his behavior that had caused many persons to leave their jobs. In 2009, Pepsi purchased rockstar for an estimated amount of $3.85 Billion. After selling Rockstar and gaining a new deal with Pepsi, Weiner had mentioned that this was proof that substantiated his belief that the American dream was and is still alive. Before selling, Weiner owned 85 percent of Rockstar. Weiner now owns various properties, houses, mansions and even a Yacht named “Rockstar” that is 161 feet long. The yacht includes a gym, Jacuzzi and sleeping room for up to 12 people, making it a massive yacht. The yacht was manufactured by Trinity Yachts based on a design by Geoff Van Aller.

Now that you have a little background on the inception of Rockstar, I want you to consider that if you have an idea that you want to manifest in reality, I do not want you to discount it as silly or foolish. Try to find a way to incorporate it into a reality. We can accomplish so much, we just need to always be vigilant to find a path to guide us. Never give up and keep trying. I truly love this story of Russ Weiner, he truly portrays the American dream of pursuit of freedom and happiness a legitimate possibility when we persevere regardless if someone else thinks our ideas are ludicrous. This story inspires me and another reason I drink Rockstar. Rockstar reminds me of this incredible story. I will find my idea into fruition one day. You will too, just keep channeling your mind. In God speed it will all happen if we do something and fight. Sometimes we might have to quit our jobs, but we must do whatever logically makes sense for us to improve in our completion process of our aspirations.

By the way, I’m now drinking a Rockstar Xdurance. I’ll post some pictures at the bottom of what I drank during writing this blog entry. Regardless of the difficulties you may be going through, you have the higher power with you. Stay positive always. 🙂

links: https://www.businessinsider.com/meet-rockstar-energy-drink-billionaire-russ-weiner-pepsi-sale-2020-3#weiner-also-owns-a-161-foot-yacht-named-rockstar-that-is-as-extravagant-as-his-pricey-mansions-10


September already, where did august go?

I’m sipping on a whipped strawberry rockstar, one of my favorite rockstar flavors- not too sweet but a little hint of whip creaminess. Let’s just say that I’ve always preferred rockstar above most major energy drink brands. Some have suggested that I slow down with the rockstars. Recently I have but I still like my caffeine here and there. Caffeine stimulates myself to be more productive. I definitely need to be productive without caffeine, I whole heartedly agree and I’ve slowly been getting there. Caffeine is a tool, but shouldn’t be abused to impact my healthy negatively. All this talk about caffeine makes me want to write about the inception of Rockstar. Stay tuned to this. Hopefully I’ll have something written up about it this weekend as I’m not working Friday-Sunday.

Back to business, I am aware that I haven’t posted any content in a couple of days and for that I apologize and I commend your patience in waiting. Instead of posting one blog a day, I will plan on posting about 2-3 a day during the weekend. Working nights has definitely made me a bit more tired and still adjusting to the schedule. Normally I’d be typing at night and now I’m blogging during the day.

I was listening to a few different motivational speakers this entire week, had my earbud on while working. Figured I would feed my mind with motivational information. Listening to David Goggins, Joe Rogan and many others, I’ve noticed how they all mention that to get where we aspire, then we must do the steps to get there. No one will save us, but us. If we want to write a song, or start a business, design furniture, take professional pictures, then we must do something to ignite it. Pick up that guitar and start finding rhythm- project your mind into reality. Look for opportunists, talk to people, research to start that business you have been envisioning. Start exploring different styles of furniture for inspiration- experiment with your ideas. Pick up that camera and take pictures for your best friend’s wedding. These are just plain suggestions. It’s up to you on the steps you proceed with. There is no manual, only what works for your reality. I am finding my steps, doing my best to meet people, explore new ideas, writing down my thoughts, something… As long as we focus on our goals, we’ll get there. Some of us sooner and some of us later. It doesn’t mean it will all be easy. Hardships create strong men and women.

I understand this wasn’t a whole lot for today. I anticipate to write much more tomorrow. August has flown away fast, prepare for September to be full of more writing than last month.

Be blessed and stay positive!


After having tiktok for a few months now, I now have over 1000 followers and am now able to broadcast. So far I’ve broadcasted a couple of times and have met some really neat people on there. I’m also able to have people join my broadcast and communicate with me. Having the ability to have a guest on live gives me fresh content to talk about. I have been trying my best to have users on tiktok to view my blog and see if they can gather information that might free their minds to see life in a positive aspect. It seems as though many suffer to not see the positive but the negative. Looking for the negatives will not help us. It will only confuse us and bring misery. I want to free people. I want to help them become positive. I want to help them set goals. I want us all in a sense to be a collective consciousness that strives and desires for each and everyone’s self to improve for the better that way we can help the people around us. Our culture is full of fear and negativity. Why not utilize social platforms like tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube to build people from the bottom to the top? I feel like I used to always look at social media as negative but what I only realized recently is that I must be the change and set a new precedent for social media. My precedent is positive thinking. The previous precedent will be soon gone. Each of us must do our part to make a difference. Most assuredly we will make a difference; every one of us working in the areas that we are the greatest at to improve our surroundings. Don’t be appalled at the negativity that we witness online- it is about to minimize because we are that change. We the people will change the mindset. The past was temporary and therefore the present is a gift to create the future.

Besides getting the 1000 followers on tiktok. I went on a walk yesterday around lake Coeur’d’alene. The weather was perfect. My brother, along with our friend, Roman and I had seen many mallards swimming around that were foraging for food. It was incredible to watch them swim around and dive in the water. I will upload some pictures to show the ducks. Also I’ll include a screenshot of the coordinates in case my readers are around. There’s also a picture of a beautiful mansion I wanted to share. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think. I’m going to try and broadcast today on tiktok under the username primitivefoundation. Since it’s Monday, I will try to figure out some topics to blog about for the week tonight.

Specific goals

It’s now 12:12 am- I’ve noticed that I tend to write at various times. I try to write around 9 or 10 pm, but that is slowly changing as I recently started working nights; Monday through Thursday, from 4:30 pm- 3 am. Yes, it is a strange schedule, but at least there’s less drama and I’m able to pursue opportunities during the day and take one step forward of being a successful entrepreneur one day. Optimism and having goals is what keeps me going and brings hope inside. I might be busy constantly and that may seem to be the case. Perhaps I’m too busy and need to have some fun while I can. I am having fun; not in a way you define as fun. I have my fun and that to me means having self improvement, working on myself, determining who I am as a person, networking with someone who has similar goals as me, listening to positive messages, and researching more about subjects that I do not know much about. I am always eager to learn something new and understand it like the back of my hand.

Currently I have the song “Moskau” by Rammstein playing in the background. I haven’t listened to Rammstein in a long while. Rammstein is basically German rock. Sometimes I wish I had studied German. I’m sure it shouldn’t be too difficult to learn. Like my dad always would say, “There’s always a benefit in learning another language.” He was and is right on this. When I was a child, I hated that my dad would make me attend Russian school almost every Friday for seven straight years. I did not stutter- seven straight years. At one point I hated that I had to learn Russian, but now I am grateful that my dad pushed and encouraged me to learn to speak Russian. Knowing how to speak another language has benefited myself in multiple ways. For starters, I can always have a private conversation in public for my Russian speaking friends without worry of being eavesdropped. With speaking Russian, I am always presented opportunities to speak with people that do not speak English who are full of enlightenment and knowledge. Understanding Russian humor and jokes are also a plus. Some jokes and puns can’t just be translated and expected to be understood. My humor side is pretty broad due to myself being bilingual. I can laugh at Russian jokes and an English speaker wouldn’t be able to fathom my humor, or vice verse. I think I will learn the German language ultimately. Time will tell and determine when. Nothing is resolved over night. Everything takes time and having value. Never give it up. Just by acknowledging the urge to improve and learn new expedient skills, you will reach your goal. Everyone is on a different goal. Please be honest with yourself on what you want to accomplish first. Accomplishments are based upon your determination, not what I or someone else thinks.

Regardless, you can improve in so many ways. Faith in God along with being positive will guide you to the right decisions. I am not trying to preach to anyone, only to direct you that there are goals within you, ready to be fulfilled. Please be positive- give it some time. Always keep grinding and pursuing what you seek. Keep knocking and the door will open. I am looking for the proper door to knock at.

Thank you for reading! As always stay positive!

Unions: A Legal, Organized, Modern-Day Mafia

It is 1:14 am, Friday morning. I’m currently on my last break at work. Only a couple of hours until I am off and then am able to work on this article and then fall fast asleep. An individual by the name of Davor privately messaged me asking me to elaborate more on unions due to his inexperience with one. I haven’t planned this, but this will be part 2 of “A dark tunnel? I promise there’s some light at the end.”

It’s 3:20 am, I just arrived home. I can now elaborate on unions; the good and bad. I’ll share what I dislike and like about unions. First I will go through the basic history of the first union in the United States and what brought them into existence. The first union was created in 1794 by Philadelphia Shoe makers called the the Federal Society of Journeymen Cordwainers. The union formed due to poor working conditions, very low wages, and unfair treatment as employees. Slowly many craftsman began forming unions for their specific trades. The Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions began in 1881, and then the AFL was founded. Through their partnership and perpetual persistence the Department of Labor (DOL) was born in 1913. An act called “The Clayton Antitrust” was introduced in 1914 which allowed workers have the ability to strike and leave their employers; more acts were introduced years later such as “the Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act (PCA) of 1936” and “the Fair Labor Standards Acts of 1938” that made it mandatory to have a minimum wage as well as overtime when working above the standard 40 hours a week. Child labor laws were also introduced after these acts. Children could go to school and get an education instead of being forced to work.

Unions did in fact set a precedent for decent work conditions as well as pay and not forcing children to sacrifice their opportunity to be educated over having to work. Those were some benefits for the labor unions for sure. I am not completely against the idea of having unions. In theory they sound incredible and the perfect lifestyle for having a profession. To me I see more cons to unions than pros. For starters, union workers tend to back stab one another just to keep their job than having to get laid off first when there isn’t much work available. In the past, unions may have had the brotherhood mentality; being our brother and sister’s keeper, this no longer appears to be the case. Times have changed for the union. Most of the members will sabotage one another just to get a better job opportunity, higher pay, etc. One big flaw I have personally observed within the union. Many members will talk to other companies that are partnered with the union to gain a job as quick as possible after receiving a lay off from a previous job. Members of a union are supposed to wait there turn to receive a job. When a member gets laid off, they are placed on a list. Whoever is first on the list, gets a phone call to start work. Scoping in a union isn’t right and shouldn’t be encouraged.

So far I have discussed how members will cheat their way into receiving a job before a person that is actually first in line to receive the job. What I haven’t discussed about the union life is the life style a lot of people have. Many people in the union traffic drugs and narcotics within the job site. I personally had known many people addicted to various chemical substances, who would sell to their own coworkers ( brother if you will).I have known many people that were once married, divorce and get themselves addicted to drugs and alcohol within months. If someone is considering joining the union and is married and has a family, please be vigilant when joining. Do not befriend people there. They are only your coworker. Focus on your family always. If you let your coworker have an inch, you will lose your family. In fact, someone from the union may take your family from you. I am not saying that everyone is horrible in the union and can’t hold a marriage as well as their family together. I am merely saying that the numbers are extremely low. Most of the married members I knew, ended up leaving the union and starting their own type of gig. A few stayed and of course they constantly need to look at their membership as a means to have a job to financially take care of their families and not anything else.

I was in the heat and frost insulator union #82 for over three years. I travelled from Billings, Montana to tricities, Washington back in forth many times. At first it was exciting to travel and make money. After sometime, I learned a lot of people’s true colors and agendas. Lots of people just wanted to use me for my time and money. For a moment they would be on your side, but if it concerned with them potentially losing a job, they would throw me under the bus. Working hard and doing a good job in the union won’t get you far. You must learn to cheat and have connections unfortunately. I knew people that were treated extra special. These people that literally just joined the union and apprenticeship but have always had connections, never had to haul material and clean a journeyman’s job area/ carry tools. They were literally immediately allowed to be in tools while there were third year apprentices hauling material. Getting threats by people because you don’t want to help them or do something a certain way is super common in the union. I have had people tamper with my car and steal my things as well as stalk me. Unions are not safe for the people with integrity and who want to be their own person. Prepare to have people beg you for money and pretend to be your best friend. Once you loan some money, I guarantee you most of them will not pay you back. Out of 5 people I lent money, only one person actually ever paid me back in full. Getting myself to quit the union was the best life choice I have ever made. I won’t ever encourage people to join a union but at the same time, I won’t judge anyone for joining one. One must make his/her own decisions. I can acknowledge some great things from unions but there are more negative factors that out weigh the positive ones. Being positive is important, but at the same time one must have wisdom to make a decision where more positivity can be gained.

There will be a part three for this particular topic. In the mean time, go ahead and ask me more questions concerning the union and I will do my best to answer all of them to the best of my ability. Davor, I want to thank you for asking me about my perspective on unions. Due to your curiosity, you have launched another portal that’ll lead us to many more discussions concerning the topic of unions.

4:25 am now, I am about to pass out. At about noon, I will read the article again and correct any spelling errors I may have perpetrated. I sometimes type way too fast, or I forget to put on my glasses and therefore I miss a word, or make a grammatical error.