A dark tunnel? I promise there’s some light at the end

Good morning, my readers!
I hope you’ve have a productive week so far. I know that Wednesday can honestly be the toughest day of the week and some of us are probably looking forward to the weekend. Many of us despise having to go through Monday-Thursday. But why do we have to? Is it because of bills? Do we doubt ourselves? The answer to the first question is we simply do not have to work at that job at least not for longer than we need to. There are times when we me move and just need a temporary job to get by, but soon enough, we find something better for us. I would say that we should look for something better. Evidently, we won’t find it the next day but within time we sure will. I worked as a heat and frost insulator for three years and absolutely hated it. I thought that I was trapped because I was in the union. I thought that the field was the best I could achieve and have as a profession. I was dead wrong- I could do better. I hated the job and I wasn’t going to let it imprison me anymore. I was taught to believe that union was the best lifestyle in achieving the American dream. It may have been great for some folks, but it was not for me. It made me unhappy and always too tired to be able to pursue another interest or goal. Right now where I’m at, I’m learning about different ways of making money on my own. Don’t get me wrong, I do have a temporary job just to pay the bills. Eventually as time passes by, I won’t need it because of my endeavors that I’m busting my butt for. Originally, I worked in the union due to the fact, I was in debt and doubted that I would accomplish anything better. I am now debt free and not working for the union but mostly pursuing my goals on my self improvement as a future businessman. Please do not call yourself stupid, or unable to finish something. This is a lie that you have been feeding yourself for far too long. Let go of all the negativity in your mind. Eliminate any bondage with the thoughts. Start feeding your mind right and treat it with respect. Tell yourself everyday that you are better than this and that you will look for a better option for your life. Tell yourself that you are not stupid and that working somewhere that you aren’t happy is wrong and that you will find some better soon. Having that goal and thinking about it on a daily basis will attract the right people, ideas, and opportunities. The answers are in plain sight, only that we’ve been not wearing our glasses to clearly see it. Once we address the dirt and stains in our glasses, then we will use the right chemicals to see clearly. When we play I-Spy, it will be much easier to find what we are looking for. Never give up and always think of your happiness and how you want to stop being entrapped in the wrong mindset.

When you’re down, think of things that make you smile and think of ways to get to smile. You being upset regardless of the situation is your choice. You can either be going through a tough time with a negative attitude, barely getting by- or you can have a tough time, but have the smile and desire to find a solution that will make life greater and more worthwhile as well as knowing that hardships aren’t the end of life, but only the beginning of a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

As always, stay positive my readers! The world is yours- and don’t let anyone stop you 🌺

The phone call

It was the summer of 2002, I was four years old at a Bible camp with my parents and siblings. I call this story in my life, “The phone call”. I was that kid who loved to wander around in the fields and woods, using my imagination, imagining different worlds and being a super hero. Sometimes I would run into trouble when wandering around. Like get lost, or get my clothes dirty, talk to strangers, etc. After hanging around the woods, my stomach began to hurt and I was becoming super hungry. The only bad part about this was that I was an extremely picky eater. I almost ate nothing that I wasn’t familiar with. I had to eat the same food ritually. I walked over the kitchen area outside and didn’t like what I saw and of course I spoke out my thoughts out loud without realizing there were two teenagers who were up to something sinister. Two of the boys look at, and of them says, “you hungry?” I put my hand on my stomach, almost pinching it, “Yes, I am. Everything is super yucky. Wish we had McDonald’s. I want a cheeseburger and fries and of course a happy meal. Can’t have food without toys from McDonald’s.” There happened to be a pay phone nearby and they told me to follow them. I went ahead and followed. One of the boy’s dial a number. As soon as he dials the number he hands me the phone and says that it’s McDonald’s and that I should place my order for them to deliver. I grab the phone, and order some food then put the phone down right away. They start laughing nonstop and I keep asking them, “Why are you two laughing? When is my McDonald’s coming?” They run away somewhere and literally within ten minutes or so, a sheriff shows up- I joke you not. He asks everyone if anyone had called the police. I hear this and see someone pulling a small trailer with their ATV, I literally jump into the trailer and hide until the sheriff left the camp site. From that day, I learned to never just believe someone when being handed a phone to talk to.

This was a short story, but I figured I’d share it tonight. Haven’t thought about this event in years. If you enjoyed it, please give me a like. I hope to share more childhood stories in the coming weeks.

How I gave up nicotine

I was eighteen years old and of course, I was a young and naive young man who was always curious about trying different things and experiences. A friend and I got all curious about trying cigars and Swisher’s (flavored cigarettes). First it started off with smoking one each week whenever I would go on a walk by the Spokane river. I would even run with a cigarette in my mouth, thinking I’m a super soldier in my mind. During college it evolved to a point where I would type a paragraph and then go walk to the park and smoke at least a few cigarettes just to feel some type of satisfaction (reward system, more like foolish system). From there I smoked even more once I joined a trade where I worked every week 60-80 hours and having negative people constantly around me. Nicotine had become my safe haven, my sanctuary, and my relief. I believed in a huge lie that I incorporated as my relief for all of the problems and inconsistencies around me. Shortly after two years, I began to vape and chew, hoping this would help me quit sooner. But no, I believe it actually made me engage more in the habit. People would sometime ask me if I ever planned on quitting. In all reality, I had no plan to quit. I was under the delusion that there was nothing wrong with my habits. What I didn’t understand was that addiction was and is the thief of time. With an addiction of an individual, their mind can lose potentially productive thoughts that can be beneficial for the future. Constantly thinking about wanting a cigarette or anything addictive for that matter, will substitute for your productive thoughts. You may not notice this at first, when you continue a trend each time repetively and adding additional cycles to the course, you’ll waste your time and unfortunately will always wonder what you could’ve discovered within yourself. Back to my story, it was literally a couple of days after New years and I had a realization that I was contributing to an addiction that served no purpose for me. I wasn’t a stupid person inside. I didn’t want to be a slave to an addiction to nicotine. I was so much better than this. I could have my mind back again. I began asking myself, ” how do I stay away from certain things or certain people?” Hmm- I thought for a few minutes. As I pondered and pondered, I came to the conclusion that for anything I didn’t want to be near I associated it as something filthy and unappetizing. In my situation, I threw all of my vape and nicotine products into a dirty trash can on purpose. This way if I had the urge to buy nicotine, the nasty association would make me see it as consuming food from the trash can. In a way, this was a mind hack. A mind won’t always work by telling yourself to quit. Your mind has already figured out how to by pass your reasoning for not smoking, or vaping. In this case, you have to switch out the formula and mistake your addiction for something super gross and unappealing/unappetizing. It was a little difficult for a couple of weeks, but I kept telling myself, “you don’t want trash to eat from the dumpster”. It worked. My mind tried to trick me in my dreams, but I kept thinking of trash. Been around people that vape and I have no desire whatsoever to get back into it. I have now been over 8 months nicotine free and I feel no regret. If you’re wanting to quit then please quit based on your convictions. Your mind must process this. If it’s too difficult then what I would suggest is to trick your mind like I did to myself.

If you have any questions concerning this topic then please comment or email me. Wish you all the best, I’m off to bed

Dazzling and lustrous wedding

Today is Sunday, August 22nd. I initially planned to post last night but I was drained a bit. Saturday had been a busy and very stimulating day in a positive manner. Saturday the 21st of August was the day my sister, Veronica got married. Let me begin, my brother and I got up to dress up for the wedding at about 10 am. We then checked out of our hotel room and proceeded to buy some cold coffee brews. Then we had to stop by Walmart to grab a couple of items. Lots of eyes were staring at us, calling us “the men in Black” I smiled about it. We in fact looked like the men in black. The wedding was starting at three, so my brother and I drove around town to burn a little time. Unfortunately, we saw lots of signs of poverty and homeless people begging for money. Not much has changed in the past few years since I last visited Yakima. At about 1 pm, we arrived to the wedding’s destination. It was so beautiful, something out of a fairy tale. My brother and I went inside the mansion to greet our future brother-in-law, Alex, who was super happy to see us. We talked for a little bit and cracked a few jokes. Then played a couple of songs. I went outside to get some fresh air and see if guests had started arriving yet- slowly they were. I went back inside the mansion and Alex, stands up and invites us to partake in an act between Alex, the groomsmen, the pastor, worship leader, the bride’s siblings and most importantly the bride’s father to participate in communion in private. Before the act, Pastor Elijah explained the importance of communion and how the bread is representing the body of Christ and the wine as the blood shed for the sin of mankind; forming a new covenant with the people of God. He brought up an interesting point, it doesn’t matter what you use as “bread”. It can be crackers, wafers, etc. Same goes for the wine; water, juice or anything else can be used. It is all symbolic. The relationship between the church and Christ is how husband and wife’s marriage must be according to Elijah and the new testament. Pastor Elijah also encouraged all the men in the room to read 1 cornithians 13. After participating in communion we went outside to watch Alex’s pilot friend fly over the wedding area. It was magnificent to just watch a plane not so high fly over us. It felt like a mission impossible movie. I’ll try to upload a video of the plane flying over. After we watched the plane, I greeted a few people I hadn’t seen in ages. As the wedding began to start, Alex first walked to the stage like any other wedding, but what’s different about this particular one. My sister and her bridesmaids felt the presence of the Lord and got the urge to pray inside the mansion before walking up to the stage. There was about a 10 minute gap between after Alex went up to the stage. Those ten minutes were impactful for the bride and bridesmaids. As soon as they arrived, I walked my mother to the first row of seats, then my brother walked our baby sister, Elizabeth up to the first row as well. After us, the groomsmen and bridesmaids walked up and then best of all; my father walked my sister, the bride up. She looked stunning, Alex looked extremely happy as if his spirit was soaring with excitement and holiness. I’ll post a couple pictures of the bride and Alex for my viewers to see. Everyone was up capturing pictures of the bride. Then as the service began, we sang a couple of popular gospel songs with Jacob, the worship leader leading as well as playing the keyboard and Phillip, one of the groomsmen, playing the violin. The sound was pristine and honestly made me want to dance. Pastor Elijah then gave a sermon on marriage and the church. After the sermon, my dad prayed for the bride and groom. Next the bride prayed and then the groom. Each prayer was authentic and from the heart, they truly love each other and want God to always give guidance in their marriage. After the service, the family all took pictures for about an hour with the photographers. As soon as we were finished, we all walked up to the reception area. Arthur and I sat with our cousins, Dasha and Yana, who we have never met. Both brilliant and artistic people in my opinion. Dasha is twenty-two and is in school to become an architect engineer and Yana is fourteen still planning. Both have huge potential, but what I have to say is that them and their parents have such a positive energy and attitude. It is very contagious in a positive way. If you two are reading this, it was a pleasure to meet the both of you. You are both a blessing and I truly believe marvelous blessings are on your way. I also got to talk to family and friends I hadn’t talked to in so many years. Even my cousin, Melanie from Sacramento showed up with her boyfriend, Josh. It was unique to reconnect with Melanie again. I am so happy for her and Josh. Can’t wait until their wedding. Lots of beautiful speeches were given and I didn’t even want to give mine. Their speeches were so well formulated. I wrote a speech and will share at the bottom of the article. After the reception at about 8:45 pm, we went to the front of the mansion and lit up Roman candles with the bride and groom. It was a magical moment, perhaps you could call it Disney. After the Roman candles, we said good bye to whoever we got a chance to say good bye. Overall, this wedding was an amazing experience for me. I personally haven’t seen a wedding put together so well in my life. Anyways I promised a short speech for my sister and Alex. Here it goes.

Hey little sis, I’m super happy for you and Alex. It’s incredible how time has flown by like the fowl of the sky, migrating to a warmer land. You’ve definitely migrated to a new land in a sense. What I mean by this is that you have reached another milestone. Your life is about to change for the better. Many opportunities and adventures will be presented for you. I am very proud of you, you have accomplished so much in your 22 years. I’m looking forward to see all the great and wonderful things you accomplish in the near future.  I’m going to miss my little sister, but I know that she is with a man who is after the heart of God and will protect her with all of his strength. Alex, I may have not been the friendliest at first with you, but after spending some time and getting to know you well, I trust you with my sister and may God bless you and Veronica. You two are a testimony of what a godly couple looks like.

Good Friday

It’s been a good Friday for myself. My apologies if my title is a bit misleading. This is not the intention whatsoever. As I reported yesterday, today was in fact busy as I predicted. I woke up around 8:30 to check all of my emails and make sure I didn’t miss anything important, then I officially removed myself out of bed at about 9 am. I brushed my teeth and dressed up. My brother and I ended up loading a bunch of water and decorations into the trailer for my sister’s wedding. In about half an hour we loaded and organized everything into the trailer, then proceeded to pack our clothing. We ended up leaving town after noon to drive out all the way to Yakima to participate in my sister’s wedding rehearsal. The drive was three hours, so my brother and I decided to an audio book called “six pillars of self-esteem” by Nathaniel Brandon. The book wasn’t just an typical book, it discussed the importance of having self-esteem and how there is never too much; only low or high. He talked a lot about that we must work rapidly, meaning that we pursue our goals and not allow fear to take over as well as just keep pushing through. He even goes far as to articulate that it doesn’t matter what the ending entails, only that we pushed through and tried our best. What also stuck out to me was his lecture on having an affirmation prompt with a beginning and us finding a different end for the affirmation.

For example: Living consciously means to me that I will love my children no matter what. Living consciously means that I will participate around in helping the community.

There are no wrong answers, nor are there any dumb or silly answers to these prompts according to Nathaniel Brandon. He says that we shouldn’t be ashamed and that In fact by doing this type of exercise each morning for around 10 minutes can impact us in a positive manner. There is potential of positive change in a matter of weeks. When we do this, do not look at yesterday’s entry. Instead we should look about a week or so later and compare each day and acknowledge our self improvement.

Another concept that stuck out to me by the author was how he defined “Self Acceptance”. The way he presented it as a natural egoism which is beneficial for the individual. He goes on to say that egoism is what a lot of people need but do not have. Also he says it is our birth right to have natural egoism. Also part of the definition is self respect which means to value ourselves, stand up for our existence, fight for our life even when in despair, keep moving on; conveying the force of life, also entails the willingness accept experience without the denial and evasion. We are what we are. It is vital to experience the present moment without fixating about the past, and fearing the future. We must accept ourselves and this doesn’t mean that we must like who we are, but acknowledge the truth of who we are . Even if the truth is eccentric or weird, we don’t need to rationalize it. Acceptance is honor to our reality. Even if we have flaws or defects in our life, it doesn’t mean that we approve of it, only that we acknowledge and realize it is a part of our internal self. Denial of who we are will only hurt us and keep us in a prison in our minds.

After listening to the audio book, we finally managed to arrive to Yakima just in time for the rehearsal. Rehearsal went smoothly thank the Lord. We rehearsed for about a couple of hours and then decided to eat at the Waterfire restaurant and bar. I had never heard about this restaurant before, but apparently my sister did some research and discovered that it was one of the best dining places in town. We had reserved a table for fifteen people and ended up eating on the second floor. Fine plates, silverware, and cloth napkins were laid out. I was impressed with the layout and service. First they brought out fresh bread and butter, then we went ahead and ordered appetizers. Some of us ordered a salad, soup or nachos. After appetizers, I ordered a medium-well done hibachi. The meat was nice and savory. I could have it for dinner a few times a week. The mashed potatoes that came with it, had a smokey aroma and taste with skin left over for that western style flavor. I was not disappointed nor was anyone else in the group. If anyone is out in Yakima, Washington and trying to figure out where to go out for dinner then definitely try Waterfire restaurant and bar. They have so many different selections for food and drinks. I won’t even spoil the menu, but definitely do search them up.

Well I’m off to bed, I apologize if there are any spelling errors. Sometimes my eyes will miss my mistakes. Regardless, I will reexamine my post in the morning and will correct if need be. I was going to write my speech for the wedding tonight, but I have decided to instead wake up early and write. I’ll post it on here tomorrow as well.

Stay positive my readers, you all rock!

Happy Thursday!

Photo by Kulbir on Pexels.com

From the first day of starting my blog to a few days later, I have seen some progress with viewers. Many are slowly starting to visit my blog and interacting with what I’ve posted so far. This has been an exciting journey for me. Each day I try to figure out what I will write about on my blog. Sometimes it is super simple to figure out a subject to discuss, but other times it can be quite difficult. I appreciate my close family members and friends for providing me with ideas. Without all of your support and ideas/suggestions, I probably wouldn’t be at where I’m at today. Even the viewers that have hated my blog so far, you give me motivation to want to do better. Your hatred inspires me to pursue myself goals and to not doubt myself. Without your hatred, I would probably not get far in life as I have so far. It’s like that saying, “Keep your friends close and enemies closer”. When you allow the opposition to critique you, you realize what irritates them most and use it as a weapon to self improve in a form that will astonish them at the end of the day. Do not become weak because of their insults, accept it as constructive criticism. You may be taken apart, but you will be more tighter the second time around.

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on Pexels.com

This week has honestly been really busy for me. I minimized on a lot of items that I no longer needed. Craigslist was great for selling things I didn’t need any longer. It felt liberating having more space in my room once again. I haven’t had this feeling in over a couple of years now. I honestly kind of have collected all sorts of junk that I once thought would have value to it. Truthfully more than half of my so called collectibles were worthless and I had to find ways to give it away for free to someone instead of having to throw it out. Besides de-cluttering, I did a lot of reading on refining gold from inexpensive jewelry often found at yard sales. I’m currently learning more about the process, and I view it as a potential product that can be highly lucrative. Part of the inspiration for desiring to learn more about refining jewelry into gold had a lot to do with a yard sale I held a couple of weeks ago. At this yard sale, I met an individual, who was an environmental engineer. Him and I began talking about whether or not collecting unboxed star-wars action figures was even worth it. His argument was that any action figure manufactured after the 90s was worthless and a waste of money, time, and space. He then spoke about his years going to university and studying for many years to end up opening a couple of offices in Florida and Washington State. He admitted to me that his degree in environmental engineering wasn’t his passion and that he would’ve instead studied his interests without matriculating in university. Chemistry was his favorite subject while studying, had he known what he knows now, he would’ve pursued his hobby, refining gold, for a living earlier. He went ahead and showed me some of the gold that he had made. My eyes were in awe, I had never seen so much gold in my face. He smiled, “I carry a lot more than this. This is my biggest hobby. I go out to yard sales, buy a lot of the old jewelry, pay the seller a little bit more than what the pawn shops would ever pay them. I then refine all the jewelry and make a profit. I literally just made 1200 dollars in an hour by showing other people my gold.” After conversing with the engineer, I was intrigued by it all and began watching many videos on the subject.

I have shared what I have been learning about. I’ve yet to mention that I ended up creating a few videos on tiktok. If I were to talk about Tik Tok a year ago, then I would have told you the most negative remarks about it and how people that use it are stupid. As I have been using this app, my preconceived notions have disappeared. I have acknowledged the expediency of utilizing the app. The app brings up awareness in many issues around the world. The app also shows many tutorials on recipes and projects. There are political people on it. The conversations I have encountered have been marvelous and just a delight to spend time on. Many of the people I have met on Tiktok have inspired me to do my own skits and political videos. I even made a funny video about me running away from Joe Biden. If you want to watch it, then look up my username, primitivefoundation. I currently have over 700 followers. As soon as I reach over 1k followers, I will have the capability of broadcasting. I am thrilled to acquire this opportunity soon. It will be a great method on getting more subscribers to my blog. To me more people is equivalent to more inspiration, criticism, motivation, and ideas. I am hungry for all of this.

Tomorrow is my sister’s wedding rehearsal. She is getting married this Saturday and I am so happy for her and my future brother-in-law. I have honestly waited for this for many years, I even remember envisioning it when I was around six years old. Hopefully rehearsal goes nice and smoothly tomorrow. I still have to write a letter or something for my sisters wedding. Regardless, I will write something for her and Alex. The question is, will I be able to give a speech for the wedding? I’ll find out on Saturday. Either way, no harm is done- I will send them a link to my website for them to read if I do not receive an opportunity to speak at the wedding. Veronica and Alex- if you both are reading this, I am super excited for the both of you and am looking forward to writing my speech tomorrow. As for today, my blog entry is a bit different than usual and perhaps I may make it a thing to reflect about my week once or twice a week. I understand that my viewers may be wanting to know what I have been currently keeping my mind and body busy with. Tomorrow will definitely be busier for me, but I still plan on posting something even short. I can assure my viewers that I will at least publish my speech for the wedding.

It is now midnight and I am about to head to sleep. I would like to thank my readers again for spending a few minutes of their day to read my thoughts. You are always keeping me going with my blogging- I’m not sure what I would do without you. If you feel like making any comments, have questions, or would like to make a suggestion, then absolutely please comment below. If you would like to talk to me in private, then absolutely email me. I am constantly checking my emails and I strive to respond as soon as possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, you all are a blessing. I look forward to tomorrow- stay tuned! 🙂

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What’s skyrocketing?

It’s 2021 and most vehicles still use gasoline to this day. Electric cars are only starting to appear in the past five years such as Tesla’s. This is not like Hannah Barbara’s “The Jetsons” where we see a bunch of flying cars, many forms of renewable energy sources, and robot’s as servants, who watch children, do chores and prepare food for humans. We clearly have not reached that age as many had imagined in the 1970s-80s. Gasoline plays an important role for Americans to get from point A-B. Without it being available, we wouldn’t be able to function as a society as we currently do. In fact we probably wouldn’t have enough resources, opportunities to advance our cities. In a way we are where we are at due to the benefits of fossil fuels. After the Obama administration, gas prices were in the 2 dollar range for the average with some states gas being slightly cheaper. This was during the Trump administration. Unfortunately due to the cancellation of the keystone pipeline, bad policies/negotiations of the Biden Administration, we have the lost the independence we once had and are now dependent on foreign countries for our fuel. Gas buddy analyst, Patrick De Haan argued that the Biden administration’s climate political views have had a profound impact negatively on the price of fuel through the execution of cancelling issuing permits that allow oil to be pumped in federal lands. De Haan had said this back in March and unfortunately what he has said is true, and we are seeing increase on the price of fuel before our eyes.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, their data has shown that around the end of the Trump Administration, the national average price of gas was $2.42 and then rose up to $3.23 during the first few months of having Biden as president. This would be an increase of 33.47 % on the national price of gas. Many of the major news networks have insisted that Biden’s policies have no impact with the prices of gas and in lieu push blame on rising inflation due to the issuing of stimulus checks all over the country. Due to recent policies, demand for fuel has been higher than ever, but the supply has been lower than the usual. If policies and production of oil do not change in the foreseeable future, the price of gas may continue to skyrocket even more than now and not only that; fuel will be scarce and not every person will have easy access as before. In fact, if the trend continues companies would compete for the oil and some cities would potentially not even have fuel available for days. Marketing Analyst, Phil Flynn, stated that Biden has punished u.s oil and gas producers endlessly as he gives opportunity to foreign oil companies to raise the cost of oil for the American driver. Flynn says, “. . . when we talk about Biden’s plans on energy and canceling pipelines, drilling moratoriums and talking about alternative energy, you’re discouraging investment in the industry.” A great amount of analysts are afraid that gas prices good be similar to the era of the Obama administration if not worse. If we the people do not speak our minds to public officials, then we might doom our economy for the worse. Let us inform one another about the importance of making appropriate policies when concerning the oil sector that will benefit the American people and not other countries. We the people must remember that we have that power to make our voices heard to remind that we are not happy with the way our economy is headed. I urge everyone to contact our state representatives.

While conducting research on this particular subject, I have learned quite a bit on the oil sector and how we should not take it for granted. If we fail to be vigilant, then the thief will leverage away our ways of life and sell it back for more, making life more expensive than it should be. As always to my readers, thank you so much for reading my blog- I look forward to discussing the price of oil again in the next few months. Please stay vigilant my readers- if you notice something not right, stand up for your beliefs.





Lose a jaw?

Imagine living a normal life, and doing things that we perceive as a necessity to live a healthier life and then one day losing our jaw spontaneously without warning. This would indeed be horrific not to say the least. Well let me share, there was a man by the name of Eben Byers, who literally had his jaw fall off. This took place in the beginning of the twentieth century when medical professionals were still experimenting and researching various drugs such as cocaine, and heroin; much of the prescriptions did not have a specified amount needed to take and by today’s standards would be poisonous and even deadly. One particular medication that was often prescribed to patients was a drug called radithor also called radium. Essentially this medication was radioactive water that a patient would be prescribed to drink and ironically it was called “cure for the living dead”. The medication was made in a laboratory based in New Jersey called Bailey Radium who’s founder wasn’t even a medical professional by the name of William J. A. Bailey. William kept lying to his clients about being a doctor, even though he had dropped out of Harvard. He perpetuated a lie that he finished medical school and that the “claims” of him not finishing were erroneous. Of course, the main public trusted him and bought the lie, thinking they would be cured of any type of disease.

The radioactive product was launched in 1918, so called benefits were not elaborated causing mass confusion and false faith in a product. Some even claimed that after a few doses that they were instantly cured and the product was miraculous. News of the product spread all over the country that even an athlete by the name of Eben Byers, who even studied and graduated at Yale believed in the potential of the product. This man had earned many gold metals during the early 1900s. After sometime his father saw him fit and old enough to run his business. Eben took over and became president of Girard Iron Company. In 1927, Eben had a horrible injury on his arm during one of his matches where he developed a wound with too much difficulty with handling the pain. He was then prescribed radithor. The prescription’s directions were to take a small spoonful per day. Suddenly, he began to feel great again, so he thought. This placebo effect that he had and among other had experienced, led him to drink from a spoonful a day to a bottle a day and ultimately, three bottles a day. During the year of 1931, his jaw fell down. Intriguingly enough, he did not feel any pain whatsoever as his major nerves and receptors that were there to control his jaw, were melted away from over time of all the consumption of radioactive water. Apparently he had consumed over 1400 bottles of radithor in a period of a few years. All the nerve damage that he had endured, led him to his demise in 1932 at the age of 51. Of course following the death of the athlete, the company manufacturing (Bailey Radium) was forced to shut down. Shutting down the company didn’t stop Bailey from attempting to rebrand through another marketing name. Whatever is still left of Eben is being studied to this day, high levels of radiation are still contained in his remains.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Thank you for all the support and reading my blog- feel free to email and suggest stories I should research and cover.

Source: https://historyofyesterday.com/eben-byers-the-man-who-drank-radioactive-water-until-his-jaw-fell-off-d2634336b504

Mickey-Mouse headbands

Recently I followed @megan_not_theestallion on tiktok. I happened to notice that she designed a wide array of varieties concerning mickey mouse style headbands when watching her tiktok videos. The head bands look so well put together, much better looking than the typical ones you would see at disneyland, or disneyworld. They were super original and of course I had to order one for my younger sister. Just from looking at the website, I was filled with nostalgia. Growing up, I was obsessed with anything mickey mouse related. I loved watching the cartoons, wearing the clothing, and collecting any type of toy/souvenir of mickey mouse. Of course this was something I couldn’t just pass on- I had to seize the opportunity. There were so many different varieties such as: the Florida gators, Yoda, Jasmine inspired, 4th of July style, Hamilton style, and many more. I ended up ordering the Red, Blue, Star inspired ears/headband- it caught my attention, gorgeously alluding to the American Flag piece by piece; ears with blue and white stripes, the ribbon being red and containing one white star for each half and it having the magical/sparkle effect. Megan has perfect customer service, she even shared the many options she had available and even broadcasted on tiktok, showing me how she makes headbands. Even though I didn’t have much experience and knowledge in sewing or understanding fashion, she conveyed it in a way that was super intriguing and persuaded me to want to learn more about the process of creating the mickey mouse product. Shipping was quite fast, only took a little over a day and there it arrived. I opened the package up, and everything was there in excellent condition. She did a pristine job packaging it and even included a Cuban style wooden ornament. I was impressed by it, and gave it to my little sister. Her eyes went from sinking to hovering in awe when she saw the mickey mouse headband. My little sister literally told me that this was the coolest gift ever. For anyone looking for high quality mickey-mouse style headbands/ears, I strong urge and recommend you order from Megan; she only provides with the most creative and highest quality there is when it comes to headbands. Please check out her store at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MagicalMegCo

Once again Megan,

Thank you so much, and I plan on sharing more people about your amazing headbands as well as purchasing more in the future. You have an incredible talent and bright future- keep it up!

“When people laugh at Mickey Mouse, it’s because he’s so human; and that is the secret of his popularity.”

~Walt Disney

Aim for the stars, don’t run away because of fear!

Isn’t it intriguing that since we were children, we always had some type of goal and perhaps back then we held it as our truth? As we became educated by the public school system, we were taught to be more afraid and worry about consequences for pursuing certain dreams that a lot of people would deem as unrealistic and even idiotic. We were taught a grading system; A-F. Memorization was more important than learning to think for ourselves and amplifying our creativity. I frankly recall quite vividly being laughed at by a teacher when discovering another way of solving an algebraic expression with shorter steps that doesn’t require deep memorization but instead shortcuts that lead us to our solution for an equation. He argued that I needed to solve this equation the way the curriculum had demanded it be solved in order to receive a good grade. That particular event in my life helps me realize that from the beginning, I was indoctrinated that there is only one way to life to be successful. That way of life that was preached was: “One must first graduate with a high GPA, enroll into university and be in massive debt just to work for someone. Please don’t interpret me the wrong way, but college, or university isn’t for everyone. I’m not saying that if we choose to pursue a degree that we’ll necessarily become a slave to our finances, but I am saying that a lot of people end up in that scenario. Also I am stating that we can find other routes to be successful, to provide for our families, to have potential, be wealthy, and even be happy. Not going to college may be the best option. Whether it is starting a business, going to college, working in the trades, or hustling through other means; the world’s potentials are in our hands. We decide what works for us and what doesn’t. If you truly believe that college is for you then do it. If you have doubts about it, then look at other options. I promise it’s not worth impressing our teachers, professors, parents and friends if we’re not living our truth. The greatest battle is in our mind, we must strive to fight for what we truly want. If we aim, we will eventually reach for the stars, not just any but the one we truly marvel at.

As for people that lack belief in themselves due to having a poor history in their academics, they still can pursue college if that’s what they anticipate on pursuing. Keep knocking at the door for what we happen and one day we will find that right door where we will find an entrance that will guide us to getting an education. I urge you to not give up on yourself. There is also another side to this subject about having poor grades. Some of us aren’t meant to be in a classroom learning concepts that don’t relate to our interests. Some of us are “go getters” or want to be our own boss. A lot of these people that lack interest in studying in school in fact end up running a business and hiring college graduates. There is nothing wrong with failing a class or overall despising school. You are not retarded, you are not meaningless, you will amount to something and you are just unmotivated by the education system. There will be a time perhaps sooner than we think that we will find that gold we have been searching for our entire life. We just need to examine our map, and find a route that will safely guide us to that treasure. Some of us want to learn the hard way which is acceptable, but some want to take shortcuts. We pick our destiny, and no matter how we go around it, we are not a failure, but only going at our pace. We must find who we are inside and not imitate our peers. We are the way, the truth, and the life. Once we realize what we truly want to accomplish then we will find victory. Victory often arrives in many failures at first. Through failure ultimately bring progress and success. Not doing a thing and just thinking negatively will just steer us of course.

I am not done with this subject, but please stay tuned to part 2 of “Aim for the stars, don’t run away because of fear!”