What’s skyrocketing?

It’s 2021 and most vehicles still use gasoline to this day. Electric cars are only starting to appear in the past five years such as Tesla’s. This is not like Hannah Barbara’s “The Jetsons” where we see a bunch of flying cars, many forms of renewable energy sources, and robot’s as servants, who watch children, do chores and prepare food for humans. We clearly have not reached that age as many had imagined in the 1970s-80s. Gasoline plays an important role for Americans to get from point A-B. Without it being available, we wouldn’t be able to function as a society as we currently do. In fact we probably wouldn’t have enough resources, opportunities to advance our cities. In a way we are where we are at due to the benefits of fossil fuels. After the Obama administration, gas prices were in the 2 dollar range for the average with some states gas being slightly cheaper. This was during the Trump administration. Unfortunately due to the cancellation of the keystone pipeline, bad policies/negotiations of the Biden Administration, we have the lost the independence we once had and are now dependent on foreign countries for our fuel. Gas buddy analyst, Patrick De Haan argued that the Biden administration’s climate political views have had a profound impact negatively on the price of fuel through the execution of cancelling issuing permits that allow oil to be pumped in federal lands. De Haan had said this back in March and unfortunately what he has said is true, and we are seeing increase on the price of fuel before our eyes.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, their data has shown that around the end of the Trump Administration, the national average price of gas was $2.42 and then rose up to $3.23 during the first few months of having Biden as president. This would be an increase of 33.47 % on the national price of gas. Many of the major news networks have insisted that Biden’s policies have no impact with the prices of gas and in lieu push blame on rising inflation due to the issuing of stimulus checks all over the country. Due to recent policies, demand for fuel has been higher than ever, but the supply has been lower than the usual. If policies and production of oil do not change in the foreseeable future, the price of gas may continue to skyrocket even more than now and not only that; fuel will be scarce and not every person will have easy access as before. In fact, if the trend continues companies would compete for the oil and some cities would potentially not even have fuel available for days. Marketing Analyst, Phil Flynn, stated that Biden has punished u.s oil and gas producers endlessly as he gives opportunity to foreign oil companies to raise the cost of oil for the American driver. Flynn says, “. . . when we talk about Biden’s plans on energy and canceling pipelines, drilling moratoriums and talking about alternative energy, you’re discouraging investment in the industry.” A great amount of analysts are afraid that gas prices good be similar to the era of the Obama administration if not worse. If we the people do not speak our minds to public officials, then we might doom our economy for the worse. Let us inform one another about the importance of making appropriate policies when concerning the oil sector that will benefit the American people and not other countries. We the people must remember that we have that power to make our voices heard to remind that we are not happy with the way our economy is headed. I urge everyone to contact our state representatives.

While conducting research on this particular subject, I have learned quite a bit on the oil sector and how we should not take it for granted. If we fail to be vigilant, then the thief will leverage away our ways of life and sell it back for more, making life more expensive than it should be. As always to my readers, thank you so much for reading my blog- I look forward to discussing the price of oil again in the next few months. Please stay vigilant my readers- if you notice something not right, stand up for your beliefs.





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