Dazzling and lustrous wedding

Today is Sunday, August 22nd. I initially planned to post last night but I was drained a bit. Saturday had been a busy and very stimulating day in a positive manner. Saturday the 21st of August was the day my sister, Veronica got married. Let me begin, my brother and I got up to dress up for the wedding at about 10 am. We then checked out of our hotel room and proceeded to buy some cold coffee brews. Then we had to stop by Walmart to grab a couple of items. Lots of eyes were staring at us, calling us “the men in Black” I smiled about it. We in fact looked like the men in black. The wedding was starting at three, so my brother and I drove around town to burn a little time. Unfortunately, we saw lots of signs of poverty and homeless people begging for money. Not much has changed in the past few years since I last visited Yakima. At about 1 pm, we arrived to the wedding’s destination. It was so beautiful, something out of a fairy tale. My brother and I went inside the mansion to greet our future brother-in-law, Alex, who was super happy to see us. We talked for a little bit and cracked a few jokes. Then played a couple of songs. I went outside to get some fresh air and see if guests had started arriving yet- slowly they were. I went back inside the mansion and Alex, stands up and invites us to partake in an act between Alex, the groomsmen, the pastor, worship leader, the bride’s siblings and most importantly the bride’s father to participate in communion in private. Before the act, Pastor Elijah explained the importance of communion and how the bread is representing the body of Christ and the wine as the blood shed for the sin of mankind; forming a new covenant with the people of God. He brought up an interesting point, it doesn’t matter what you use as “bread”. It can be crackers, wafers, etc. Same goes for the wine; water, juice or anything else can be used. It is all symbolic. The relationship between the church and Christ is how husband and wife’s marriage must be according to Elijah and the new testament. Pastor Elijah also encouraged all the men in the room to read 1 cornithians 13. After participating in communion we went outside to watch Alex’s pilot friend fly over the wedding area. It was magnificent to just watch a plane not so high fly over us. It felt like a mission impossible movie. I’ll try to upload a video of the plane flying over. After we watched the plane, I greeted a few people I hadn’t seen in ages. As the wedding began to start, Alex first walked to the stage like any other wedding, but what’s different about this particular one. My sister and her bridesmaids felt the presence of the Lord and got the urge to pray inside the mansion before walking up to the stage. There was about a 10 minute gap between after Alex went up to the stage. Those ten minutes were impactful for the bride and bridesmaids. As soon as they arrived, I walked my mother to the first row of seats, then my brother walked our baby sister, Elizabeth up to the first row as well. After us, the groomsmen and bridesmaids walked up and then best of all; my father walked my sister, the bride up. She looked stunning, Alex looked extremely happy as if his spirit was soaring with excitement and holiness. I’ll post a couple pictures of the bride and Alex for my viewers to see. Everyone was up capturing pictures of the bride. Then as the service began, we sang a couple of popular gospel songs with Jacob, the worship leader leading as well as playing the keyboard and Phillip, one of the groomsmen, playing the violin. The sound was pristine and honestly made me want to dance. Pastor Elijah then gave a sermon on marriage and the church. After the sermon, my dad prayed for the bride and groom. Next the bride prayed and then the groom. Each prayer was authentic and from the heart, they truly love each other and want God to always give guidance in their marriage. After the service, the family all took pictures for about an hour with the photographers. As soon as we were finished, we all walked up to the reception area. Arthur and I sat with our cousins, Dasha and Yana, who we have never met. Both brilliant and artistic people in my opinion. Dasha is twenty-two and is in school to become an architect engineer and Yana is fourteen still planning. Both have huge potential, but what I have to say is that them and their parents have such a positive energy and attitude. It is very contagious in a positive way. If you two are reading this, it was a pleasure to meet the both of you. You are both a blessing and I truly believe marvelous blessings are on your way. I also got to talk to family and friends I hadn’t talked to in so many years. Even my cousin, Melanie from Sacramento showed up with her boyfriend, Josh. It was unique to reconnect with Melanie again. I am so happy for her and Josh. Can’t wait until their wedding. Lots of beautiful speeches were given and I didn’t even want to give mine. Their speeches were so well formulated. I wrote a speech and will share at the bottom of the article. After the reception at about 8:45 pm, we went to the front of the mansion and lit up Roman candles with the bride and groom. It was a magical moment, perhaps you could call it Disney. After the Roman candles, we said good bye to whoever we got a chance to say good bye. Overall, this wedding was an amazing experience for me. I personally haven’t seen a wedding put together so well in my life. Anyways I promised a short speech for my sister and Alex. Here it goes.

Hey little sis, I’m super happy for you and Alex. It’s incredible how time has flown by like the fowl of the sky, migrating to a warmer land. You’ve definitely migrated to a new land in a sense. What I mean by this is that you have reached another milestone. Your life is about to change for the better. Many opportunities and adventures will be presented for you. I am very proud of you, you have accomplished so much in your 22 years. I’m looking forward to see all the great and wonderful things you accomplish in the near future.  I’m going to miss my little sister, but I know that she is with a man who is after the heart of God and will protect her with all of his strength. Alex, I may have not been the friendliest at first with you, but after spending some time and getting to know you well, I trust you with my sister and may God bless you and Veronica. You two are a testimony of what a godly couple looks like.

4 thoughts on “Dazzling and lustrous wedding

  1. Thanks Max, I’m so glad we got to sit together! Indeed it was an awesome wedding! My kids are super happy they got to meet you guys and Melanie as well!!! Hope to see you guys again soon!

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  2. So nice to meet you all and your family, great wedding and so happy for your sister, many blessings to you all! Very interesting blog too, you have a great way of describing things keep going 🙂


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