An assignment

It’s November 4th and you are reading this whether it be right now or in the late future after I publish this post. Perhaps it’s five years after I post this; regardless. I was listening to a presentation about goals today and it brought up a good point, or should I correct myself and say story. A story about how Jim Carrey was an unsuccessful stand up comedian before becoming a well known actor. It mentioned how he wasn’t doing so great at first, but then his mentality changed. He started to smile more and imagine that he already had what his goals were, displaying his positive attitude. To put his positive faith about himself to the test, he grabbed a check and wrote a check of 10 million dollars. On the date, he wrote three years in the future. A few months before reaching the third year mark, he had become a successful actor, starring in “Dumb and Dumber”. Just listening to this testimony about his success helps me realize that we have the potential to achieve our goals only if we already imagine it in our minds. Belittling ourselves will only block us away from results. Let us only speak good about ourselves, smile more and be faithful with our positive attitudes.

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