Do you remember? Or was it all a dream???

Remembering the past only serves to us as a lesson. Don’t you ever allow it define you. You aren’t horrible, you’re just looking for your spark. Misdirection is an element that we often encounter in life. Very often we formulate an equation and hope for different/best results to reap. I hate to break the truth to you, it doesn’t work that way. In fact, there is a term for this type of thinking; insanity. Instead of trying the same formula, analyze the the original equation and reconfigure it. You are that formula and the way you have been raised is how your mind has been conditioned to think. Although some things that you have learned as a child have been expedient in your life, there are other qualities that must be gutted out and replaced with qualities that will push for goals and sense in your life. As you change up your equation and you restructure it, you will have an epiphany that you have altered your mind to a mindset that will stay positive and cheer for your aspirations; having you at your best interest, taking risks that may have many rewards.

Are you free for about a few minutes? If so, I strongly encourage and recommend you to play some of your favorite, the type that will make you zone out. As you zone out, I want you to visualize your childhood, early adulthood and examine the pros and cons as well as the mentality around you. When you had so called goals (dreams) as an adolescent, were you required to switch it up because your parents, grandparent, teacher, cousin, or friend convinced you that you would never reach this type of dream? Did they insist that your dream was only a dream, a mirage in the desert, formless and void; chaotic? Most likely so they did and that what’s I mean when I say that you were conditioned to think a certain way. The same equation (mentality) has been used, you have locked away your inner happiness (dreams) due to the mind set that you have implanted ever since you were a child. It’s never to late to change your mind and affirm that you will find a path to your pursuit of happiness, living a prosperous life. Never seek for the approval of others, approve yourself. With the new year coming up, grab a mirror and look at your face; scope out what you don’t want in life and replace it with what you desire. The old you is obsolete, behold a new you is about to manifest for greatness. Your mind is like a scientific calculator, plug in the proper formula that will serve in your interests not the interests of others. 2022 is yours, ignite that firework and watch the beautiful, loud patterns echo in the sky.

Say no to just having a dream, make that dream manifest in your life instead. Write down what you want for yourself, meditate it and seize the day. Watch what you desire and when you be positive to your self; your garden will be filled with many exotic fruits and vegetables, vineyards that will make gallons and gallons of the purest wine and juice. I love you all, and I urge you all to seize 2022.

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