I’m in Berlin

At the moment, I’m in Berlin, Germany. This is my second day in Germany. Prior to this, I visited my friend Svetlana in Poznan, Poland. Poland in my opinion, is full of very positive, helpful, family oriented people. I can’t complain. I can even sort of understand them since Polish is similar to Ukrainian and Russian.

I’ve learned that us Americans have the world completely wrong. Other countries aren’t there to hurt Americans. In fact, I have been treated so well, even though I do not speak their language all that well. In America, true friendships and sincere conversations are seldom. I’ve learned that you can be a friend to pretty much anyone in Europe as long as you’re respectful and a positive person.

Today, I met a random stranger from Austria who works as a supervisor for a computer corporation. He shared everything he knew about Berlin to me. We talked for hours and he even bought a few rounds of beer for us. I tried to pay him back, but he insisted that he didn’t want my money but he valued our conversations. I ended up getting his contact information and therefore now have a connection for someone that lives in Austria. The next time I decide to visit Austria, I have someone to meet. He is not the only person like this. I’ll share another example, I met a Ukrainian in Poland who works as a taxi driver. He valued our conversations and time. Hours later, he messaged me that he would give me a free ride when I come back to Poland next week.

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