Outer banks

I’ve been asked many times if I’m watching any shows on Netflix right now. This current year I have restricted myself to a limited amount of entertainment. I haven’t watched any television show for the past three months. I only got back to a little bit of tv a couple of weeks ago since season 2 of Outer banks was released. It’s been out for a couple of months now, but I only got to it a couple of weeks ago because my focus and time have been elsewhere. This show is about a group of teenagers that live in the outer Banks of North Carolina, they’re on a search for treasure that is supposedly just a legend. I won’t go further into the show, but I highly recommend it if you’re into treasure hunt themed movies and shows. I am almost done with season 2. The season has 10 episodes, and I’ve been taking my time watching it. I’ve noticed for myself that when I binge watch a TV show, I am not as thrilled and a lot of times forget what the show was all about. Watching about an episode a day keeps my mind more likely to recall what a single episode is all about. Overloading our minds with too much information isn’t productive and will only confuse us even further. If I have extra time this weekend then I might finish the season. I only have a couple episodes to go.

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