Friday morning

Good morning, my readers! I went to bed at 4 am and woke up at 8:30. I was up late talking to friends all over the world. I’m always interested in what is currently occurring in our world. With my interests, I can be talking to people for hours and hours. Even today, I went ahead and looked at my site statistics and noticed that I have even people from China and Russia reading my content. It’s truly a pleasure that people are enjoying reading my content. Get this, I no longer work for the company I was working for. In incident happened where I spoke up for myself and others. At the place I worked for, the superiors were very condescending and belittling employees. I was quite productive these last few weeks at work and one day the joints in both hands were not functioning the way they were and were excruciatingly painful to say the least. I ended up producing slightly lower than my usual and abruptly my superiors complained to me and even had the audacity to tell me that I’m a bad worker and super slow at what I do. I explained what the problem was and how I don’t appreciate being talked down to. He then sent me over to his superior to discuss about my hand. I then went to the superior of my superior to his office. I knock at the office door and walk in. In the room, four men sitting and looking at me (note: names have been changed for legal reasons). I ask for a man named Tim, he answers back, “How can I help you?” I tell him about what happened. He then goes on to say that they can’t have me working slower and how the company will just be losing money and so on. I proceeded to tell him that I was in pain and could only work to the best of my ability on my speed. He talked in a very condescending tone and started to say that he could send me to the nurse and how that an ice pack and ibuprofen is all they could probably help me with and that isn’t much to help. I then asked if they wanted me to just leave early since I’m only losing them money and the other associate began threatening me with some baseless point system that if I left early because of my pain it would count against me as a form of tardiness/absent. I looked back and responded that the few people in the office are literally insinuating that I should leave early since I’m not being as productive. I literally told them I can leave and that wouldn’t hurt me as a person and that I value my health and well being over getting hurt at a job. I then asked to go to the Nurse’s office. Tim told me that I was being disrespectful and tried to accuse me of profanity when I didn’t say any curse word. I went to the nurse’s office, had my hand checked out and was given a type of ointment and had an ice pack over my hands for about twenty minutes. I then came back to take my lunch break. After lunch, I went to my work station, worked for half an hour and then an associate called me over and told me that Tim wished to speak to me again in his office. The conversation escalated again with him just pointing fingers at me for being disrespect and he was using southern slang I wasn’t used to. Pretty much I tried to give my side of the story to the other individual and Tim just got angrier and angrier and tried to say that he was there to help me and make my job easier for me. I told him that I’m only willing to work safe and work to the best of my ability. Cutting corners on a job and skipping protocol wasn’t something I would be doing. Unfortunately many people are sucked into this particular company, having fear that this is the best they can do. Most of them had surgical procedures because of improper ways of conducting their job procedures and not following the official guidelines and stretches. I can assure them all that there are better things in life for people who ask and look for opportunity. Don’t destroy your body or risk your life to please a few people. You are replaceable in a blink of an eye. Back to my story, I worked the rest of my job shift and went home. This morning I received a phone call that the company I was subcontracted with, no longer wanted my services and felt best for me to not return. I told the dispatcher that I understood. He asked for my side of the story and went into the detail of the lack of professionalism, condescending behavior and toxic environment. He thanked me for my side of the story and notated it that way he can prevent something like this from occurring. I’m not sure if that will do much, but he said he’ll try to find me a position somewhere else to work. I’m not too worried, I know that God will provide and things happen for a reason. Better things are coming. The negative things are fading away. On the bright side, I have more time to write and work on my novel. I have the time to possibly find a writing gig or job: something I enjoy doing in life. I probably wouldn’t share this, but I feel the need to tell others to not settle for less and to know your worth. If you’re not happy with something, leave or change it, so that you are happy and are enthralled by it.

I love you all and always love yourself first. Don’t please someone and compromise your value Blessings, stay positive and always aspire for something better in life.

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