On my mind, I’ll blurt it out

Even when you’re walking 🚶‍♀️ alone in the darkness, don’t be dismayed. Before you walk with someone, you need to realize that you’re choosing that road. Choose the route wisely, and careful what you ask for. Before a great achievement, alas a great disappointment shall land first, stripping away all the faulty and weak paradigms within you. This is the way. Pain might be horrific and feared, but beauty is in it. Not many experience it to the fullest, some escape fast and find their ideal comfort zone. Rejoice that your pain will bring a great awakening and realization: that something that was once in your life has finally vanished and no longer there to torment you. Love you all, the pain that you’re experiencing inside is leading you to a new world. Not sure who this was for exactly, but it was in my soul. You’re going to make it and be stronger. You’ll find someone that is going through a path similar to yours.

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